Ruth Merrill Center Copying

Student Organizations who bank with the Students’ Association Appropriation Committee (SAAC), can print up to 50 copies per print job from the printer located in the Ruth Merrill Center. All printing fees are automatically charged to the Student Organization once the request has been fulfilled. All printing requests must be related to the mission of the Organization. Unrelated requests will be denied.

2022-2023 Printing Rate Per Page

  • Color:
    • 1-sided = $0.25
    • 2-sided = $0.48
  • Black & White:
    • 1-sided = $0.10
    • 2-sided = $0.18

How to Submit a Printing Request

Step One – Email your file(s) to Include the following information in your email:

  • Name of the Organization
  • Number of copies needed
  • Identify if files(s) need to be printed in black/white or color

Step Two – Visit the Common Connection Information Desk within 201 Wilson Commons to pick up your Organization’s copy card. Print requests can only be completed by a member of your Organization’s e-board.

Step Three – Stop by the printer in the Ruth Merrill Center to complete your request.