Student Organization Space/Storage Policy

This policy applies to all student organization space/storage managed by the University. This includes but is not limited to Wilson Commons offices and cabinets/storage rooms, Morey storage rooms, Spurrier storage rooms, Spurrier basement storage, Todd offices, .

Any space assigned to your organization can only be used for the purpose it was assigned (example: storage rooms are only to be used for storing your organization’s materials and cannot be used for personal storage).

All items must be kept within your assigned space/storage. Items left outside of rooms, leaning against cabinets, or in public spaces will be disposed of.

Request Space/Storage

If your organization needs space/storage, you must fill out this form. Space/storage is limited and is not guaranteed.

Prohibited and Restricted Items

Prohibited items:

  • Paint cans
    • Acrylic poster paint is permitted.
  • Spray paint
  • Sterno (“canned heat”)
  • Compressed gasses (example: helium, propane, etc.)
  • Flammable items (example: candles)
  • Food or drink (including candy and nonperishable food)
  • Disposable serving wear (paper plates, utensils, cups, etc…)

Prohibited items will be confiscated and disposed of if found in your assigned space. Storing prohibited items may result in a loss of assigned space or a reassignment of space.

How to Access Space/Storage

Depending on the location of your assigned space/storage it will either be accessed by signing out a key or using your University ID. If your ID does not have access, fill out this form to request it.  

Wilson Commons

  • Ruth Merrill Cabinets: Keys can be signed out from Common Connection.
  • Ruth Merrill Offices & Storage Rooms: ID card
  • Room 304: ID Card
  • Room 501B: ID Card
  • Graphic Arts Cabinets: Keys can be signed out from Common Connection
  • Graphic Art Suite: ID card

Morey Hall

  • Room 110: Keys can be signed out from Common Connection
  • Room 222D: Keys can be signed out from Common Connection
  • Room 227 & 224: ID Card

Spurrier Hall

  • Room G02: ID Card
  • Room G04: ID Card
  • Room G06A: Call Spurrier / Genesee Building Manager (585-622-5996)
  • Room G17: ID Card
  • Spurrier Basement: Email to request a time to access this storage.

Todd Union

  • Radio Station: ID Card


  • Southside Shed: Keys can be signed out from advisor

Ruth Merrill Center Flat File Usage

A flat file is a type of filing cabinet that stores posters and other large items on a flat surface. Use of the flat file is assigned to organizations that currently have cabinet space in the Ruth Merrill Center.