Invisible Culture
An Electronic Journal for Visual Culture

Issue 7:
Casting Doubt
Co-Edited by
Leanne Gilbertson & Elizabeth Kalbfleisch

by Leanne Gilbertson & Elizabeth Kalbfleisch

The Image Before Me
by Peter Hobbs

The Automatic Hand:
Spiritualism, Psychoanalysis, Surrealism

by Rachel Leah Thompson

The Naked Truth or the Shadow of Doubt?
X-Rays and the Problematic of Transparency

by Corey Keller

Real Lies, True Fakes, and Supermodels
by Elizabeth Mangini

"Eat it alive and swallow it whole!":
Resavoring Cannibal Holocaust as a Mockumentary
Carolina Gabriela Jauregui

Leaflet Drop: The Paper Landscapes of War
by Jennifer Gabrys