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HRMS Authentication – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How do I sign up to use an alternate login account for HRMS?

A: Go to and request an account "HRMS Alternative Login Account”.

Q: Why the switch from Netid as the primary credential for HRMS?

A: Netid remains the primary means of authenticating to HRMS. For those users that prefer to separate their HRMS credentials from other systems and services, this new option allows users to select an alternate means of accessing HRMS.

Q: How do I manage my HRMS login account?

A: All University accounts and passwords can be managed at

Q: Can I select the username for my alternate HRMS login account?

A: No. If you opt to use an alternate login account for HRMS, your username will default to your HRMS employee id (Emplid).

Q: If I select the alternate login account and then change my mind, can I go back to using my Netid for HRMS?

A: Yes. To deselect the option of an alternate login account and go back to using Netid, go to

Q: How long can the password be for the alternate login id for HRMS?

A: The password can be up to 15 characters long. We suggest using a combination of alpha-numerics and special characters.

Q: Can this alternate login account be used to access other systems?

A: No, the alternate login account can only be used to access the HRMS System.

Q: If I am having trouble with or have questions on the alternate login account, who can I contact for assistance?

A: If you have questions or issues with the alternate login account, contact UnivITHelp at 275-5200 or

Q: When I log into HRMS with my Netid, I am getting the following error - All Attribute Values for all ID Types are required. (48,51)

A: This error occurs when you have set up an alternate login account for HRMS and the NETID is no longer valid for HRMS access. You will need to login to HRMS using your new alternate login account (Emplid) for HRMS access.