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University of Rochester photos by J. Adam Fenster (unless otherwise indicated)

  • large group of students forming the shape of the letter R

    The Class of 2022 poses for a class portrait during its first week on campus. The Class of 2022 was the most selective ever, with a record number of applications.

    Meet the Class of 2022 >>

  • four student dancers on stage

    Rochester’s annual inspireDANCE festival brings the more than 600 students involved in dance classes or organizations on campus together with professional dancers, teachers, and choreographers. (University of Rochester photo / Keith Walters)

    Find more arts events on campus >>

  • people standing in front of two framed Monet paintings of the same scene

    The University’s Memorial Art Gallery is one of the few university-affiliated art museums in the country that also serves as a community art museum.

    Learn more about exhibits and events at the MAG >>

  • student sits quietly in a library reading space

    Interdepartmental digital communications major Aliye Gallagher ’19 studies in the Messinger Periodical Reading Room in Rush Rhees Library. Rochester’s unique curriculum allows students to create their own majors or pursue double and even triple majors.

    No required subjects: Learn more about the Rochester Curriculum >>

  • overhead shot of students moving coffe mugs around a lit-up table

    Chemical engineering students experiment with an augmented reality tabletop used to simulate reactions in a real-life, sprawling chemical plant. Augmented reality uses digital technologies to overlay video and audio onto the physical world to provide information and embellish our experiences.

    Learn more about this chemical engineering project >>

  • a student reads in a library with shelves filled with books

    Yanssel Garcia, a doctoral student in philosophy, is primarily interested in understanding the nature of consciousness and its relationship to the brain.

    See the full listing of masters and doctoral programs offered at the University of Rochester >>

  • student playing the piano, a wheelchair sitting next to hims, on stafe in front of a large chorus of singers

    Seth Dalton ’20, a double major in math and music, accompanies a combined performance of the Women’s Choruses from the Eastman School of Music and the Department of Music on the River Campus.

    Learn more about performing arts at the University of Rochester >>

  • a student tosses a drum stick up into the air

    D’jean Vasciannie, a graduate student of percussion at the Eastman School of Music, was one of the first 10 students to particpate in the inaugural “Humanities for Life” internship program, connecting students with local nonprofit organizations.

    Learn more about how internships help Rochester students connect to careers >>

  • overhead shot of the Eastman School of Music at nightime, with downtown traffic streaming past

    Long regarded as one of the world’s premiere schools of music, the University’s Eastman School of Music’s thriving campus and musical community in the heart of downtown Rochester offers a uniquely inspiring array of artistic, scholarly, and creative opportunities.

    Explore the Eastman School of Music >>

  • three students smiling and gasp as a wooden plank they are standing ob begins to teeter

    Mechanical engineering students Haley Wohlever ’19, Leo Liu ’19, and Crystal Kim ’19 “walk the plank” in Rettner Hall to see how much force their balsa wood structure can bear before snapping into pieces in this unique capstone to one of the most challenging classes in the engineering curriculum.

    Learn more about ME 204 >>

  • three scientists wearing goggles and clean suits lean over a table containing an array of optics and lenses

    Donna Strickland ’89 (PhD) and GĂ©rard Mourou received the 2018 Nobel Prize in Physics for work to develop chirped pulse amplification (CPA), research they undertook in the 1980s at the University of Rochester’s Laboratory for Laser Energetics (LLE). Today, members of the LLE, including Dustin Froula, senior scientist and assistant professor of physics; his PhD student Sara Bucht; and Jake Bromage, senior scientist and associate professor of optics, use CPA in their own research to develop the next generation high-power lasers and to better understand the fundamentals of high-energy-density physics.

    Read more about Rochester and the 2018 Nobel Prize in Physics >>

  • student sitting alone in a large yellow booth in the library iZone

    Ethan Warren ’19 works in one of the new booths in the Barbara J. Burger iZone at the River Campus Libraries. The iZone is a space, a program, and a community in one, providing opportunities for collaboration and entrepreneurship.

    Explore River Campus Libraries >>

  • the Memorial Art Gallery at night, lit up with words from many languages projected from a large metal cylinder

    Installed in 2017, artist Jim Sanborn’s Argentum: Double Positive is a permanent addition to the Memorial Art Gallery collection, lighting up the Rochester night with projections onto the MAG’s 1913 building of texts connected to the history of Rochester and the history of photography.

    What does it say? Explore Argentum: Double Positive >>

  • close-up of a nurse in a surgical mask, her eyes visible, with a screen in the background

    Nurse anesthetist Lisa Wahlers works with a team of University of Rochester Medical Center doctors and nurses to implant a retinal prosthesis or “bionic eye” system, helping the patient regain some sight.

    Get an overview of the University of Rochester Medical Center >>

  • professor smiles while sitting at a large seminar table holding a book

    Professor of English Jeffrey Tucker leads a graduate literature class in Morey Hall.

    Learn more about Rochester and the humanities >>

  • overhead shot of a soccer team, arranged in a cirlce with the arms around each one, one member holding an NCAA trophy

    The men’s soccer team ended its 2018 season at 16-3-2, matching its school record and earning a trip to the NCAA Championship Final Four. The University of Rochester competes in more than 20 varsity sports in Division III of the NCAA. (Associated Press photo / Brian Blanco)

    Learn more about the Rochester Yellowjackets >>

  • student actors sitting on a large set comprised of scaffolding

    The cast members of Gone Missing pose for a promotional photo. Each year, the International Theatre Program’s productions introduce undergraduate students to both the performance and technical aspects of theater arts.

    Learn more about the International Theatre Program and its upcoming productions >>

  • student smiles while wearing virtual reality goggles and standing in front of a floor-to-ceiling screen

    Mechanical engineering student Sebastian Abelezele ’20 uses a virtual reality headset in history professor Michael Jarvis’s digital archaeology workgroup.

    Read more about the interdisciplinary nature of learning at Rochester >>

  • student flips pages in a large book on a library table

    Yaal Dryer ’20 looks through primary source material during history professor Laura Smoller’s class.

    See our complete list of majors and programs >>

  • student smiles while sitting in a classroom

    Thandie Ramme ’20, an international relations major, is one of 75 students who have enrolled in the University of Rochester after graduating from the African Leadership Academy, making Rochester the leading destination for graduates of this prestigious academy.

    Learn more about Rochester’s global engagement>>

  • student pours liquid nitrogen into a container on the floor as the lab fills with steam

    Graduate student Philip Place fills a container with liquid nitrogen to trap sample gas in the lab of earth and environmental sciences professor Vasilii Petrenko. In the Ice Core Lab, researchers analyze 50,000-year-old ice for clues about the past and future of climate change.

    What can you learn from 50,000-year-old air? >>

University of Rochester photos by J. Adam Fenster (unless otherwise indicated)