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From: Czaplicki, Alan []
Sent: Wednesday, March 18, 2015 1:28 PM
Subject: Early Provisioning for Faculty Hires - Important Update

Effective 3/24/2015, IDM will create NetID accounts for incoming faculty as soon as all paperwork is completed and entered into HRMS, rather than waiting until the official start date. 

River Campus faculty will also have their UR Active Directory accounts created early. URMC Faculty already have their URMC-SH Active Directory accounts created early through manual process, and these existing processes won't be affected by these changes. 

Benefits to Incoming Faculty

River Campus faculty will now be able to access Blackboard, email, VPN, and other services ahead of their start date. River Campus IT support staff will be able to configure laptops, access rights, distribution list memberships, and calendar invites for incoming faculty ahead of the faculty member's official start date. 

URMC faculty are already able to access many services ahead of their start date via their URMC-SH Active Directory Account. This change will allow new URMC faculty to have early access to NetID-authenticated services such as Box. 

Information for Hiring Managers and PAF Submitters

No changes to existing process will be required from PAF submitters. 

Hiring managers or Active Faculty Officers who wish their faculty to begin using their NetID of UR Active Directory accounts ahead of their start date will need to communication the faculty member's employee ID # to the faculty. New faculty will need to use this information at to initialize their accounts. 

No changes are being made to the processes for the creation and use of URMC-SH Active Directory accounts. 

Technical questions regarding early provision can be directed to Drew Potratz at

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