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Retirement Checklist

Printer-Friendly Checklist

1 Year Before Retirement

Understand Your Benefits

Review your Post-Retirement Benefits Summary online:
  • Summary for those hired or re-hired prior to 1/1/1996 (who were not eligible to retire as of 1/1/96)
  • Summary for those hired or re-hired 1/1/96 and thereafter
Attend a Retiree Benefits Webinar and/or Informational Session on our events page

Plan Your Finances

Schedule an individual meeting with TIAA to discuss your income options at retirement by calling 1-800-410-6497 or visiting
Contact the Social Security Administration to obtain information on your benefits by calling 1-800-772-1217 or visiting

Begin Planning

Prior service at a higher educational institution? Complete a Retiree Benefits Service Credit Form
  • Form for those hired or re-hired prior to 1/1/1996 (who were not eligible to retire as of 1/1/96)
  • Form for those hired or re-hired 1/1/96 and thereafter
Take advantage of Life-Work Connections Employee Assistance Program. Meet with a counselor to discuss your life transition into retirement, and sign up for the Transitioning into Retirement Support Group. Call (585)475-0432 or go to
Start planning your retirement date (no need to notify your department yet)
Are you going to retire and return to work in a part-time or TAR (time-as-reported/per diem) position after retirement?
  • If you are planning to reduce your work schedule to part-time, we recommend most employees to retire at full-time to lock in the full-time retirement benefits. While working part-time, you will receive active part-time benefits.
  • If you are planning to retire and return to work TAR, contact the Office of Total Rewards Retiree Team, as this will potentially change your benefit eligibility.

3 Months Before Retirement

Determine your Retirement Date (last day actively working)
You can apply for Social Security benefits up to 3 months in advance of retirement, if applicable

If You and/or Your Spouse/Domestic Partner are Medicare-Eligible

Review the Medicare-Eligible Health Program Guide and Comparison Chart
Contact the Office of Total Rewards Retiree Team to make an appointment to complete Medicare Part B Special Enrollment Period (SEP) paperwork (Note: penalties may apply for not enrolling in Medicare Part B within the special enrollment period) and to go over your benefits.

If you are already eligible for Medicare and not enrolled in Part A, enroll online at or at a local Social Security Office prior to completing Medicare Part B SEP paperwork.

1 Month Before Retirement

Submit a letter to your department stating:
  • Your last working day (retirement date)
  • Any agreed upon status if returning to work in a part-time or TAR position

Timeframe to submit letter:
Non-Exempt Staff: Submit your retirement letter at least two weeks in advance
Exempt Staff: Submit your retirement letter at least one month in advance

Once your letter is received, your department will complete a 510 or 610 Personnel Action Form to submit to HR prior to your retirement date
Complete Health/Dental Enrollment Forms: Confirm HRMS has your most recent contact information (On your HRMS homepage, click Main Menu-> Self Service-> Personal Information-> Personal Details)

  • Retirement Reminders
    • Flexible Spending Account (FSA) ends on date of retirement. You have 90 days from retirement date to submit for any eligible expenses incurred up to retirement date.
    • Life Insurance – please refer to your Post-Retirement Benefits Summary for further information on the different policies offered.
    • Paid Time Off (PTO) – any balance left in your PTO bank will be paid out at retirement.
    • Vacation – any balance left in your Vacation bank will be paid out, up to a maximum of one year's entitlement. To check your maximum annual entitlement, log in to HRMS and click on the “View my Vacation Balance” picture on the main screen.
    • Vacation/PTO – you will receive your vacation/PTO payout in the pay period following your final wages check. This will be a separate, live check sent to your home address listed in HRMS.
    • You may begin taking withdrawals from your TIAA account after your retirement is processed. Contact TIAA at 1-800-410-6497 to obtain paperwork or to schedule an appointment to discuss your retirement income.
    • You can obtain a Retiree ID card if you are no longer working. Wait about a month after retirement and contact your ID office prior to coming in in order to confirm their records reflect your retirement status.
    • If you want to continue to receive @Rochester emails, email with the email address you would like added to the distribution list.
    • You will be billed quarterly on the last month of each quarter for health and dental retiree premiums. Bills are mailed out around March 15th, June 15th, September 15th and December 15th to your home address listed in HRMS.
    • Open Enrollment materials will be mailed to your home each year. Review the plan and rate information to ensure your plan remains the best option for you for the following year.