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Fitness Classes

Please note, we will be moving our virtual fitness classes to Zenplanner on 9/21/2020. Follow the below instructions to get set up and take part in these virtual offerings!

  • How to Create an Account
    1. Get started here
    2. Select “Unlimited Fitness” from the drop down menu and click “Sign Up”
    3. Complete the required fields and click “Continue”
    4. Click “Sign-Up”
    5. Check the email that you registered with. You will receive an email with the subject line “Well-U – Your website login information”
    6. Log in to your account using the temporary password that was provided in the email. Once you log in you will be prompted to change your password
    7. Download the "Member App" App Icon
    8. Start reserving a spot in any fitness class!

  • How to Sign Up for a Class
    1. After you sign-up or login, choose Calendar on the left-hand side to view upcoming classes.
    2. You will then see a list of all classes available. You can view the classes in a list view, by week, or month. You can also view classes by type or location using the drop-down menus (located under the date). You will only be able to reserve spot(s) within one month of each class.
    3. Click on a class that has spots available and then select “Reserve”
    4. You are all set and registered for class! If you would like to cancel, you can click the Cancel button in the bottom right.
    5. To cancel out of a class at any time from the desktop, you must select the class(es) you are signed up for on the calendar, select it, then click Cancel

    *Waitlist: If you sign up for a waitlist, you will automatically be moved off the waitlist and into the class once a seat becomes available. You will also be notified when this move takes place.

Click here to view classes and reserve a spot now!

*If you would like to request an interpreter for a class, please email and include the following information pertaining to your request: Date, name of class, time, and specific location. Please provide as much notice as possible. Once we receive your request, we will notify you of the status of an interpreter.