Community Leadership Model

At Rochester, we believe that a student's education belongs to them and that their passions, curiosity and goals should drive their learning. Students will do their best work if they learn what they love and love what they learn. We encourage our students to own their learning.

At Rochester, we also understand that a community should belong to its members and that communities are strongest when members are engaged in them. Rochester students are encouraged to act as community leaders who give shape and direction to the world around them by pursuing their passions, and committing their time, talents, energy, and resources. We encourage our students to be engaged members in their communities here and beyond.

At Rochester, we urge students to own their education and take ownership for the communities that surround them; to learn what they love and give shape to where they live.

There are five essential features to the way Rochester prepares students as community leaders:

  1. Purpose and Passion – help students identify their interests and values
  2. Practice and Context – promote and develop multiple opportunities for participation in hands on service experiences
  3. Collaboration/Community – develop student abilities to work in teams and groups
  4. Cultural Competencies – foster the ability of students to work across boundaries
  5. Organizational & Leadership Competencies – develop basic organizational and leadership abilities