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The Rochester Center for Community Leadership (RCCL), in partnership with the Monroe County Board of Elections and a consortium of area colleges, established the Monroe County Election Fellows Program. This program seeks to engage college students in the democratic process, not just as voters, but as election inspectors at the polls on Election Day. Through this community involvement, students stand to gain a deeper understanding of civic life in Monroe County, a profound understanding of the logistics of conducting a democratic election, and a stronger sense of commitment to the democratic process. 

These Fellows will receive advanced technical, civic and leadership training, and will design and implement strategies to recruit additional poll workers from their respective colleges. The Election Fellows Program is housed at UR and includes partnerships with Roberts Wesleyan College, Monroe Community College, St. John Fisher College, and Nazareth College.

In 2011, nearly 200 students were recruited and trained to work as election inspectors at the polls on the Nov. 8th election. Students will serve side-by-side with other election inspectors from the community at polling sites throughout Monroe County. 



All Election Inspectors must be registered as a Democrat or Republican, modeled after the Monroe County Board of Elections system, based on cooperation and collaboration between the two majority parties. Applicants who are already registered to vote in Monroe County must be registered as either a Democrat or a Republican in order to be eligible for this Fellowship program. Applicants who are registered to vote outside of Monroe County will need to transfer their registration to Monroe County as either a Democrat or Republican.


Contact the Rochester Center for Community Leadership at the University of Rochester:
(585) 275-4085 or

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