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Student Life Awards

The annual University Student Life Awards recognize those undergraduate students who—through service to others, investment of talent and time, and pursuit of excellence—have significantly and positively impacted the University of Rochester and/or surrounding community. The awards are divided into two categories: Individual Leadership Awards, and the Student Organization and Programming Awards.

Student Life Award Nominations (Closed)

Nominations for this year’s University Student Life Awards are open from Wednesday, Jan. 14, until noon Wednesday, Jan. 28, 2015. Undergraduates in the College and at the Eastman School are eligible.

Individual Leadership Awards

Andrew Fried Prize
Established by friends and family in 1961 in memory of Andrew Norman Fried, class of 1961. This prize is awarded to the man who, during his freshman year, shows outstanding qualities of character, superior moral judgment, and interest in serving his fellow students.
Delno Sisson Prize
In 1967, this award was established by a gift from Delno Sisson ‘67. This prize is awarded annually to the freshman who has overcome obstacles to successfully transition into and adjust to college academic life.
Award for Freshman Leadership
This award recognizes an exceptional man or woman of the freshman class who has motivated his or her fellow classmates to become actively involved in the campus community.
Eli & Mildred Sokol Prize
This award was established in 1985 by a gift from Eli and Mildred Sokol, class of 1933. This prize is awarded to a sophomore who has emerged as a leader who can be expected to contribute significantly to the welfare of his or her fellow students in the next two years.
Award for Campus Contributions
Awarded to a student who has made significant contributions to the University community, including, but not limited to, campus life, academic achievement and leadership, and community service. The award winner will have promoted and demonstrated excellence in all aspects of their college experience. Two awards will be given, one to a senior class member, and one to a junior class member.
Seth H. & Harriet S. Terry Prize
Established in 1928 as a gift from Seth H. Terry, class of 1883 in memory of his parents. This award is given to the male member of the senior class who, by his industry, character, and honorable conduct, has done the most for the life and character of the undergraduate community.
Percy Dutton Prize
This prize was established in 1946 as a gift from Percy Dutton. This award is given to the male member of the graduating class who has excelled in "wholesome, unselfish, and helpful influence" among his fellow students.
Transfer Student Award
This award, recognizing the unique role of transfer students to the campus community, is given to a student who transferred with sophomore standing or above, and has completed two semesters of study at the University. The recipient will have demonstrated a quick and successful transition to the institution and will have taken full advantage of their time spent at the University.
Simeon Cheatham Award
Established in the 1970s by the Office of the Dean of Students, this award is given to a student who has outstanding qualities in devotion to community service and to growth and development of children.
Rob Rouzer Award for Excellence in Student Government Leadership
Established in honor of his 28 years of service to the University of Rochester, the Rob Rouzer Award is conferred annually to a student affiliated with any of the three branches of the Students' Association Government who has shown immense integrity and perseverance in striving to improve student life and welfare.
Award for Athletic Leadership
This award recognizes the positive contributions athletes make to the campus community. It is awarded to a student athlete who has contributed to campus life and demonstrated leadership within their club or varsity sport.
Presidential Award for Community Service
Established by the Dean of Students in 1990 to recognize University students who are committed to community service. Given to a senior for outstanding participation and leadership in service to the community beyond the campus, this award recognizes a student who has worked selflessly and effectively in addressing social causes. Areas of focus include, but are not limited to, improving literacy, reducing hunger and hopelessness, providing legal or medical assistance to the needy, and serving as a mentor.
Entrepreneurship Award
The award for entrepreneurship is given to a student who has turned an idea into a venture that benefited others. The student will have demonstrated individual initiative and knowledge through awareness of markets and attention to the needs of others.
Award for Outstanding Fraternity and Sorority Leadership
This award recognizes the positive contributions fraternities and sororities make to the campus community. It is awarded to a fraternity or sorority member who has led with integrity within their fraternal organization while also making significant contributions to the greater campus community.
Logan R. Hazen Award for Outstanding Contribution to Residential Life
This award is given annually to the student who has "made significant contributions to the community and experience of students living in undergraduate residence halls. This student, through his or her actions, leadership and innovation has promoted community through respect, fairness, and inclusion."
Michael Lowenstein Memorial Award
This award, named for Michael Lowenstein, class of 1960 is presented to the University of Rochester River Campus undergraduate who deepens student, faculty and community awareness of existing social, racial, or political inequities. This undergraduate through his/her work and actions has endeavored to promote the ideals which Michael cherished. Michael sought to give a fresh view of things around us, to focus upon issues, to probe deeply using fact and objectivity and to open a dialogue with the community to find some answers.
The Communal Principles Award
Established in the 2011-12 academic year by the Office of the Dean of Students, this award will be given annually to the student(s) or organization that best promote(s) the Communal Principle that is highlighted annually. The recipient will have demonstrated qualities that exemplify the principle and/or created programming and activities related to the highlighted Communal Principle.

The Communal Principle highlighted this year is INCLUSION. Our community welcomes, encourages, and supports individuals who desire to contribute to and benefit from the institution’s missions. Members of the University’s community come from different geographical areas, represent differences in ethnicities, religious beliefs, values, and points of view; they may be physically different, have different intellectual interests, or have different abilities. We not only welcome such differences in members of our community, but we also actively seek to include them in all aspects of the institution’s operations.

Student Organization and Programming Awards

Outstanding Student Organization Award
Awarded to an undergraduate, University-recognized student organization that has gone beyond the bounds of their membership by helping to create a positive campus environment for all students.
Award for Excellence in Creative Co-sponsorship
Established in 2004, the Award recognizes a program that was co-sponsored by a minimum of two organizations or groups. The cosponsored program should have been a new effort, one that brought together different facets of campus, and which served to build and strengthen the campus community.
Award for Excellence in Programming
The Excellence in Program Planning Award recognizes a student organization or group, either formal or informal, for its exceptional creativity, planning, and execution of a University program. Criteria upon which decisions are based include appeal to a broad cross-section of the University community, originality, and participation by members of the organization during all phases of the effort.