Courses with a Community Focus

The Rochester curriculum encourages students take responsibility for their learning and for where they live. Students learn best when they learn what they love and communities are strongest when members get involved. Rochester students are therefore encouraged to become involved community members and to act as leaders who give shape and direction to the world around them by committing of their time, learning, talents energy and resources.

Courses with a Community Focus

African and African-American Studies
AAS 220 – Social Movements in the United States
AAS 279 – Urban Schools – Race and Gender

American Sign Language
ASL 280 – Current Trends in Deaf Related Careers

Anthropology (as identified in the department)
ANT 193 – Diversity and Community
ANT 210 – Anthropology and Education
ANT 218 – Birth and Death
ANT 227 – Local and Global Market Research
ANT 278 – Solving Population Problems
ANT 270 – Urban Schools
ANT 280 – Cars, Identity, and Mass Transit
SOC 221 – Love, Friendship, and the Community

Art & Art History
AH 398 - Architecture

ECO 261 – State and Local Public Finance

ENG 131 – Reporting and Writing the News
ENG 134 – Public Speaking
ENG 135 – Policy Debate

HIS 171 – History of Rochester
HIS 192Q – Rochester Politics
HIS 250 – Women in History
HIS 258 – Race in America

Political Science
PSC 194Q – Rochester Politics and Places
PSC 214 – Political Participation
PSC 227 – New York State Politics
PSC 233 – Community Development and Political Leadership
PSC 241 – Urban Change and City Politics
PSC 243 – Environmental Politics
PSC 245 – Aging and Public Policy
PSC 316 – Political Participation