About Leadership

The Rochester curriculum encourages students take responsibility for their learning and for where they live. Students learn best when they learn what they love and communities are strongest when members get involved. Rochester students are therefore encouraged to become involved community members and to act as leaders who give shape and direction to the world around them by committing of their time, learning, talents energy and resources. At the University of Rochester, we believe being a leader means:

  • Investing in an area of interest and/or concern
  • Understanding your values, passions, and talents
  • Developing skills to become effective at what you do
  • Having a willingness to take action and becoming engaged 

In accordance with our beliefs, our Leadership Model consists of five essential values: (1) Purpose & Passion, (2) Practice & Context, (3) Collaboration/Community, (4) Cultural Competencies, (5) Organizational & Leadership Competencies. 

In turn, our leadership programs focus on heightening students' self-awareness and confidence, developing their organizational skills and leadership competencies, as well as, their ability to work in teams and across boundaries. Our programs encourage students to grow as individuals and positively influence the communities around them both on campus and off.


Leadership Resources

Below are general leadership resources available to students and student organizations. For more resources please refer to the "Leadership Resources" menu to the left.

Leadership Tips

The Leadership Tips sheet contain tips that will assist students in becoming better leaders. In conjunction with the trainings and workshops provided by the RCCL, students can develop successful leadership skills that will last long after college.

Leadership Transition Checklist

A successful leadership transition is not only the glue that will hold your organizations together from year-to-year, but also the fuel that continues to propel them in a forward direction.  Unsuccessful leadership transitions can hamper future successes of student groups. The good news is that a successful transition is neither difficult nor very time-consuming.  The Leadership Transition Checklist contains tips that may not pertain to your group, but most are relevant and important for the majority of student groups.