Rising Leader Program (RLP)

Program Mission

The Rising Leader Program seeks to help incoming freshmen students become responsible leaders and citizens throughout their college career and beyond.

Goal and Objectives

The goal of the Rising Leader Program is to engage freshman students in reflective, theoretical, and practical experiences, which motivate them to become committed participants of the campus and surrounding communities.  Students must apply to get into the program and a cap of 30 students will be admitted.

Learning Objectives

1. Develop leadership skills and knowledge through:

  • Skill-based workshops
  • Collaboration and teamwork
  • Leadership theory and models

2. Heighten self-awareness in order to strengthen one’s understanding of their leadership abilities through:

  • Self-reflection and critical thinking
  • Mentor relationships
  • Practical experience
  • Discovering one’s passion and talents

3. Develop value and belief system through:

  • Service Learning
  • Civic engagement
  • Interactive diversity and cross-cultural experiences

Program Curriculum

Community Building

Peer groups. Small groups consisting of 5-8 students will meet 3 times each semester. These groups will be conducive to meaningful discussions and participatory activities, and led by an upperclassman Peer Mentor.

Events and Celebrations. Student planned and led social events. Opening and closing ceremony/celebration

Facilitators and advisors. Upper-class students will serve as primary facilitators to the peer groups and serve as program advisors, while guided by the Graduate Assistant for Leadership Programs. Staff and faculty to be invited for certain meetings depending on topic.

Experiential Learning

  • Service Learning – Student will be expected to self-generate and complete one community service project during the year.
  • Peer group activities – peer group meetings will involve activities and discussions based on student and group experiences.
  • Active part in a student organization, and/or nonprofit organization. 
Education and Training
  • Leadership forums  specifically for RLP participants will provide perspectives on leadership from practicing leaders.
  • Workshops and activities- Workshops introduce students to many issues related to leadership and service. 
  • Slingshot to Success and Get Involved
  • RLP day
  • Leadership conference
  • Self-Study and Reflection through discussion and weekly journal entries