About Community Service

A Tradition of Service

Rochester's history is rich in service activities. In 1975 the Tiernan Project began as the first residential based community service program in the country. Over 4,250 students have lived in Tiernan in the past 30 years. Wilson Day, begun in 1988, was the first program in the nation to require new students to participate in a day of service benefiting the off-campus community. Other programs unique to the University of Rochester include the Community Service Network, the student organization responsible for coordinating a variety of service and educational programs, and the Community Learning Center, a 25-member house dedicated to the exploration of service and social justice issues. Many guides and books have acknowledged the dedication displayed by Rochester students, include Who Cares magazine which placed Rochester among the top 15 colleges in service activity.

Community Based Activity Today

Wilson Day photoEach year the College's 4,000 undergraduates spend over 35,000 hours in the Rochester community participating in countless service and philanthropy activities. Interest in community service is high and has become a distinctive part of student life at Rochester. Over sixty percent of undergraduates at Rochester are involved in community service related activities. Students interested in participating in community service activities are encouraged to visit the Campus Club Connection and Community Service Network for more information about groups and activities.

After Rochester

Not surprisingly, Rochester graduates continue to volunteer long after college and disproportionately choose careers in public service (11%) when compared to graduates of peer institutions.

Community organizations looking to advertise their service opportunities to College undergraduates should contact the Community Service Network, located in the Rochester Center for Community Leadership on the 5th floor of Wilson Commons.