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Disability-related support for undergraduate students in the College are found in the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL), 1-154 Dewey Hall, (585) 275-9049. CETL Access Coordinators are your partners in making the necessary accommodation arrangements for students with disabilities. Access Coordinators encourage the development of students' self-advocacy, self-knowledge, and compensatory strategies while at the same time collaborating with instructors to arrange reasonable accommodations. These accommodations are intended to afford equal access to academic content and equal opportunity to demonstrate mastery through use of assessment adjustments. We are happy to speak with you at any time by email, phone or appointment.

Students found eligible for disability accommodations are encouraged to meet with you within the first few weeks of the semester to discuss any academic needs. Students with documentation on file wishing to utilize services are required to initiate an accommodation letter prepared with a CETL coordinator to send to instructors. If a student identifies as having a disability, but you have not received this letter, it is appropriate to ask the student for this record to substantiate the student's needs.

Please contact your student's coordinator with any question or concern:

Access Coordinator Student Caseload Assignment
(by last name)
Pamela Spallacci A – F
Elizabeth Carpenter G – P
Amy Clark Q – Z

The decision to grant disability classroom accommodations is not taken lightly, and occurs only after a careful consideration of a wide variety of factors, including the nature of the disability and its effect on the student, the documentation provided, evidence of past accommodations that the student has received, and other relevant facts. Such accommodations are intended to mitigate the impact of the disability, and enable the student to participate on an equal footing with their non-disabled peer. Program requirements deemed an essential element to the program of study are not altered; instead, specific accommodations are put in place to allow the student with a disability to access academic material and to demonstrate their knowledge.

Students enrolled in the College are required to meet specific guidelines to verify eligibility for disability accommodations. CETL follows the applicable federal and state laws and utilizes nationally recognized best practices when evaluating requests for accommodations. 

Any communication regarding the student's accommodation or specific disability is confidential. Please use discretion in your personal interactions with students and staff, as well as in any communications regarding your student's disability details. Take care to protect any print or electronic disability-related records in your possession.

The University's commitment and responsibility to our student's equal opportunity and fair treatment can be found at, prepared by Lynnett Van Slyke, Disability Compliance Director.