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IT Resources



For further assistance:

Contact your desktop support specialist
Help Desk: 585-275-2000
Email: University IT Help

Site Licensing Software - Access mathematical, statistical, scientific software and more.

Request Software for Use in Classrooms & Lab - Login with your netID and password to request software for classrooms or labs.

Software Training ( - Technology is ever changing. Increase your knowledge of software applications through tutorials.

Updating Your Macintosh Software (PDF version) - Good security practices include keeping your operating system up-to-date. Learn how to update the operating system software on your Macintosh.

Checking the Warranty on a Macintosh (PDF version) - In case of hardware or software failure knowing your computer is under warranty can provide a level of comfort. Learn how to check the warranty on your Macintosh.

Checking for Updates for Microsoft Office (PDF version) - Learn how to check for updates for Microsoft Office.

Installing Microsoft Lync (Macintosh) (PDF version) - Install the chat tool Lync on your Macintosh.