George Eastman Statue

The University of Rochester and George Eastman Museum have a long history of collaboration in both teaching and research.

Since as far back as 1966, George Eastman Museum curators and UR faculty have been teaching film courses on both campuses. In the 1970s, a joint UR–George Eastman Museum committee received funding from the National Endowment for the Humanities to develop a film studies curriculum at the University using George Eastman Museum archives. Since that time, teaching on both campuses by Rochester faculty and George Eastman Museum curators has continued in the areas of film and media studies, art history, and other disciplines.

Beginning in 2005, UR faculty and George Eastman Museum personnel collaborated on a master’s degree in motion picture preservation. The Selznick Master’s Degree Program in Film and Media Preservation, administered through the UR English Department, incorporates academic coursework with training in archival practice, inspecting and repairing motion picture prints, identifying preservation processes, and developing film programming schedules. 

The film and media preservation program, the first of its kind in the country, has sent more than 100 specialists into the field of film preservation. It is a model and standard-bearer for similar training programs at other institutions.

On the research front, a team of researchers from UR and George Eastman Museum received NSF SCIART funding to investigate preservation techniques for daguerreotypes. Their work has been featured in Wired magazine and Scientific American, as well as in academic journals.