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Community Scholar Fellowship


Community partners in long-standing academic-community partnerships share a deep commitment to the University of Rochester’s missions of education, service, research and community. As co-leaders, they advance these teams collectively as well as its individual team members, to meet partnership objectives on many academic fronts. To continue to support their critical role in advancing these academic endeavors, they require protected time to advance their professional academic goals. Resulting scholarly, community, and academic products, in turn, reinforce the development of these research and action initiatives and help create a unique educational milieu on campus. With this in mind, the Rochester Center for Community Leadership, Undergraduate Programs in Public Health, and the Office of Mental Health Promotion piloted a Community Scholar Fellowship in 2016-2017. It’s success has enabled us to offer the fellowship again in the 2017-2018 academic year and to open it up to a wide range of academic disciplines.

RCCL is currently accepting Letters of Intent from community partners and sponsoring AS&E faculty for
the 17-18 Community Scholar Fellowship.


The Community Scholar may engage in a host of activities designed to meet their academic development plans during their tenure as visiting scholars. In addition to these individualized plans, scholars may engage in such on campus activities as:

  • join/visit research team and research center meetings or seminars

  • enroll in professional development and training offerings on campus or course auditing

  • engage with community engaged (CE) undergraduates - including those enrolled in CE courses or seeking recognition in community engagement for graduation (e.g., provide consultation to student projects or a guest presenter at two class/seminar sessions)

  • present lectures, forums and discussions on campus around their academic interests - including up to four per year routinely hosted by this Community Scholars program team

  • meet with relevant undergraduate and graduate student groups, and campus leadership groups (e.g., Diversity and Inclusion committee, etc.)

The applicant Community Scholar will work with a sponsoring faculty, with appropriate academic credentials (e.g., domain expertise, track record of mentoring, leading professional development initiatives, etc.), who will provide mentorship and logistical support in developing and implementing scholars’ proposed academic development plans. The faculty will work with their department to provide in-kind support of office space, computer access and other logistical resources (telephone access, etc.) to host visiting scholars on campus.


RCCL is currently accepting Letters of Intent from AS&E faculty and community partners for the Community Scholar Fellowship. Community Scholar Fellowship program staff will follow up with selected faculty/partner teams to submit a formal application. Visiting scholar candidates selected to submit an application will propose the following:

  • an academic development plan, including a timeline for their visiting activities (up to 1 year with a delineated schedule for residing on campus)

  • scholarly products anticipated

  • budget that includes such items as a stipend, travel and lodging, and other academic plan expenses not to exceed $10,000.

  • letters of recommendation from a host faculty  from the host department‘s chair

Administrative Support

Depending on the application/placement of the fellow, either RCCL or the host department will provide administrative support for placement and initiation of community scholars (e.g., provide access to IDs, access to email and other server accounts, process travel expenses, help organize forums for community scholars to engage with and present to the University and Rochester community, process stipends, etc.).

A program committee comprised of the sponsoring faculty and representatives from RCCL will oversee the program design and implementation. This committee will help integrate visiting community partner scholars with relevant, existing student and faculty groups, community groups, academic centers and programs, and host campus forums for discussing visiting scholars efforts while in residence. This leadership team will establish a set of operating principles that reinforce the cultural wellness and attention to cultural and linguistic norms of its visiting scholars, to maintain and deepen campus diversity through the presence of these scholars.

How to Apply

Faculty and community partners interested in a Community Scholar Fellowship can submit a proposal by July 1, 2017.  Proposals must include the following:

  • Previous and ongoing collaborations between the faculty member and prospective community scholar

  • Goals for community scholar's professional or scholarly development

  • Activities they hope to undertake during fellowship to contribute to goals

  • Plan to engage with AS&E undergraduates during fellowship

  • Arrangements you anticipate making for office space and any administrative support the community scholar will need during the fellowship.


Any questions about the Community Scholar Fellowship can be directed to Lauren Caruso, Assistant Director.