Citation in Leadership

The Rochester curriculum encourages students take responsibility for their learning and for where they live. Students learn best when they learn what they love and communities are strongest when members get involved. Rochester students are therefore encouraged to become involved community members and to act as leaders who give shape and direction to the world around them by committing of their time, learning, talents energy and resources.

Citation for Achievement in College Leadership

The Citation offers students the opportunity to develop their leadership skills through leadership experiences that combine specific academic study with specific practical application. Students need to complete at least three different leadership experiences from the approved list below.

Each leadership experience has two components:

  1. An academic course (2 credit minimum) to prepare
    students for specific leadership work
  2. A specific leadership practicum to implement ideas
    from the preparatory course.

Completion of the Citation will appear as a notation on the transcript. A handout and registration form that includes all academic and practical components that have been authorized for use toward this Citation is available at the Academic Services Counter, at the Center for Academic Support, 312 Lattimore Hall. No later than the spring semester of the junior year, students should meet with an advisor in Academic Support to review and submit the completed registration form.