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Skills for UR Leaders

The Skills for UR Leaders Workshops grants you an opportunity to create campus connections, reflect on and enhance your leadership capabilities, foster your personal development, and inspires you to translate your skills into practice. Options for participation include:

All leadership programs are free and open to College undergraduates regardless of class year and previous campus or community involvement. In order to accommodate as much flexibility as possible, the workshops do not have pre-determined dates and times. Please note that you must fill out a workshop request form and submit it no less than two weeks in advance.  An RCCL staff member will try to coordinate a mutually agreed upon schedule for your selection.  Please note that both student and staff facilitators are available to lead the workshops.  Student facilitators will have greater availability and will be more likely to accommodate your group's schedule than staff members.  Each workshop has a minimum attendance to maximize the learning objectives of the workshop as well as the typical length of time. If you need/want to participate in a workshop that is not listed below, please submit your request or questions to the Rochester Center for Community Leadership at

Meeting Management - Request
Leading a meeting with creativity and efficiency in mind requires preparation, openness amongst attendees, and excellent facilitation. Improve your strategies for getting your meeting off to a great start, keeping your discussion on target, encouraging cooperation, and accomplishing your action items. In this workshop, you will have the opportunity to design a meeting agenda, brainstorm solutions to tackle some of the most common issues that can occur, and provide input on crucial aspects of leading an effective meeting. This session is beneficial for all students, especially those who are new to leadership roles.

Length – 75 Minutes, Minimum Attendance: 5 people

Values Inventory - Request
To be a successful leader, you must be grounded in your beliefs and values but also be flexible in understanding the beliefs and values of others. By reflecting on what matters most to you, recognizing the relationship between your priorities and actions and exploring how your decision-making impacts long-term goals, you can identify your core values. This workshop presents an opportunity to communicate and share your values in both a collegiate and professional setting.

Length – 45 to 60 Minutes, Minimum Attendance: 12 people

The Diversity Spectrum - Request
Diversity encompasses a wide spectrum of issues including race and ethnicity, socio-economic status, religion, sexual orientation/preference, gender, physical and mental abilities, and age. You will engage in a dialogue about where you stand on the diversity spectrum. Workshop activities are designed based on the premise that everyone has something to bring to the experience. The activities in this workshop will draw on your knowledge and experiences, while challenging you to move beyond that in order to develop skills and tools that will help you grow personally, socially, spiritually, educationally and economically.

Length – 60 Minutes, Approximate Attendance: 5 to 15 people

Consensus Building - Request
Consensus and compromise are essential for the progress and growth of any group or organization. In this workshop, you will engage in problem-solving activities and interactive discussions meant to provide insight into the process of healthy compromise and decision-making in order to improve your group dynamic.

Length – 60 Minutes, Minimum Attendance: 6 people

Leadership Styles - Request
An effective leader is one who engages members and keeps them interested, motivated, and involved. This workshop will help you discover your leadership style and show you how it affects your interactions with other leaders and group members. This session is beneficial for students with and without formal leadership experience.  Gain valuable strategies that will assist you as a student leader now and as a professional in the future.

Length – 60-75 Minutes, Minimum Attendance: 16 people

Group Dynamics - Request
The term “student group” is an all-encompassing phrase for a wide range of organizations from academic councils to dance troupes to fraternal orders. The dynamics, structure, and overall “feel” are as unique as the organizations themselves and require appropriate management and logistical practices. In this workshop, you will work to develop skill necessary to create a fitting atmosphere to optimize the effectiveness and impact of your group or organization.

Length – 75 Minutes, Approximate Attendance: 15 – 25 people

Program Planning - Request
Do you have a great idea for a program or event, but aren't quite sure how to make it happen? Come explore the basics of navigating U of R's informational, technical, and logistical systems to facilitate making informed and efficient decisions for your group or organization. In this workshop you will discover important campus contacts, department policies, and quick-tips. You will learn the importance of having a detailed plan and utilizing the support systems and tools already in place for successful program implementation.

Length – 60 Minutes, Minimum Attendance: 20 people

Goal Setting - Request
Goals are an essential part of life. They can be as simple as completing your academic assignments at the library or as complex as the advancement of the mission of a club, group, or organization. Goals are, in part, what keeps students motivated both in and out of the classroom. When it comes to your personal life and your group or organization, goal can make a difference between mediocrity, excellence and accomplishment. In this workshop you will gain effective strategies, which will help you set and achieve your goals.

Length – 60 to 75 Minutes, Minimum Attendance: 5 people

Making the Transition - Request
Have you ever been frazzled by the process of facilitating a smooth transition? "Making the Transition" will guide you through a checklist meant to assess the tasks that have been successfully completed versus the tasks that have yet to be completed. In addition, you will identify and establish new goals, access all the resources made available to you, and learn valuable tips and tricks to make the transition effective and stress-free.

Length – 45 to 60 Minutes, Minimum Attendance: 5 people

Conflict Resolution - Request
Conflict is essential to the existence of a group or organization. It has the potential for destroying the foundation or bringing forth tremendous positive change within these entities. The ability to effectively manage conflict is an essential skill for any group or organization leader. In this workshop, you will work to examine the nature of conflict and discover methods for identifying and responding to conflict in your own group or organization.

Length – 60 Minutes, Minimum Attendance: 6 people