Arts, Sciences and Engineering Research at Rochester

At the University, Arts, Sciences and Engineering spans 24 departments, from art history to mechanical engineering. Our research—pursued in labs, classrooms, offices, libraries, and sites on- and off-campus—reflects that diversity.

This Month’s Featured Research

Arts & Humanities

Book with Glasses

Religion & Classics:

By challenging the status quo, Aaron Hughes seeks to show how investment in ideology influences and informs the field of Jewish studies.

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Wendi Heinzelman

Electrical & Computer Engineering:

As part of the emerging field of volunteer computing, Wendi Heinzelman is testing an application that allows volunteers to donate an Android device’s unneeded capacity.

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Natural Sciences

Monkey in Tree

Brain & Cognitive Science:

In their study of non-human primates, Benjamin Hayden and doctoral student Tommy Blanchard find that monkeys also share our unfounded belief in winning and losing streaks.

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Social Sciences

Children in a Classroom

Clinical & Social Sciences in Psychology:

Edward Deci and Ronald Rogge report that a new 20-minute classroom assessment can reliably measure classroom instruction and predict standardized test scores.

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Research Spotlight

Rob Clark at PodiumRob Clark, Senior Vice President for Research, stresses the need for federal research support at The National Press Club.

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Ongoing Research Initiatives

  • Data ScienceRochester is pairing researchers and computational scientists with supercomputing technology to transform huge mountains of data into knowledge.
  • Digital HumanitiesThe University of Rochester is pushing the limits of humanities research by producing technologically proficient scholars versed in the use of digital research and discovery tools.
  • University-Industry CollaborationsResearch universities have a responsibility to educate and to create new knowledge. As private industry looks to academia for innovation, Rochester is proving to be a crucial partner.
  • Women in STEMArts, Sciences and Engineering at the University of Rochester is committed to supporting women researchers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).
  • Photo GalleryImages of research that capture the University’s commitment to understanding how the world works while also making the world ever better.
  • Laboratory for Laser EnergeticsAt the LLE, more than 300 scientists and engineers work toward achieving controlled fusion in order to produce affordable, clean energy.

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