Loisa Bennetto

Bennetto, Loisa

Chair, Department of Clinical and Social Science in Psychology
Associate Professor of Psychology

Office: 354 Meliora Hall

Phone: (585) 275-8712


Research Interests: Neurocognitive bases of developmental disabilities to understand how atypical neurocognitive development relates to deficits in social-communication difficulties as well as everyday difficulties with adaptive functioning. Primary focus on autism spectrum disorders, but also working to understand other developmental disorders such as Down syndrome, as well as normal developmental processes.

Matthew Blackwell

Blackwell, Matthew

Assistant Professor of Political Science

Office: 307 Harkness Hall

Phone: (585) 275-5466


Research Interests: American politics and political methodology, including campaigns, the effectiveness of negative advertising, and Congressional staff networks. In methods, he works on dynamic causal inference, missing data, panel data, and social network analysis.

Chen, Ding-Geng (Din)

Chen, Ding-Geng (Din)

Professor in Biostatistics, School of Nursing & Department of Biostatistics and Computational Biology, URMC

Office: 2W102 Helen Wood Hall

Phone: (585) 276-5802


Research Interests: Biostatistics methodologies including meta-analysis and network meta-analysis in CER, clinical trials, interval-censored time-to-event survival data modeling; Social and behavioral dynamics modeling and cusp catastrophe modeling; Artificial intelligences including neural nets, fuzzy logic and genetic algorithms; Computational simulations including Monte-Carlo, Bayesian predictive modeling and computation statistics for big data.

Daniel Gildea

Gildea, Daniel

Associate Professor of Computer Science

Office: 730 Computer Studies Building

Phone: (585) 275-7230


Research Interests: Statistical approaches to natural language processing, machine translation, and language understanding.

M. Ehasan Hoque

Hoque, M. Ehasan

Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Office: Computer Studies Building


Research Interests: Human nonverbal behaviors, multimodal interaction, applications of machine learning to gain further insights into human communication, and inventing new applications of emotion technology focusing on health and Assistive technology.

Henry Kautz

Kautz, Henry

Director, Rochester Big Data Initiative
Chair, Department of Computer Science
Professor of Computer Science

Office: 709 Computer Studies Building

Phone: (585) 275-5671


Research Interests: Social media, machine learning, pervasive computing, automated planning, and assistive technology.

Jiebo Luo

Luo, Jiebo

Professor of Computer Science

Office: 611 Computer Studies Building

Phone: (585) 276-5784


Research Interests: Computer vision, machine learning, social media, data mining, medical imaging, and ubiquitous computing.

Brendan Mort

Mort, Brendan

Director, Center for Integrated Research Computing

Office: 418 Hutchinson Hall

Phone: (585) 275-8289


Research Interests: High performance computing, application of computing technology to chemistry and biology, computational chemistry algorithm development, molecular dynamics simulations, electronic structure theory.

Alex Paciorkowski

Paciorkowski, Alex

Senior Instructor in Neurology, Biomedical Genetics and Pediatrics, School of Medicine and Dentistry

Office: 601 Elmwood Ave.

Phone: (585) 275-8762


Research Interests: Care of children with neurologic disability, with a focus on neurogenetics, as many causes of neurologic disorders in childhood have a genetic basis.

Rajeev Raizada

Raizada, Rajeev

Assistant Professor of Brain and Cognitive Sciences

Office: 320 Meliora Hall

Phone: (585) 275-8673


Research Interests: Structure of neural representations and how they underlie behavior, individual differences in behavioral performance, social and environmental effects on learning., using multivoxel pattern-based fMRI analysis (MVPA), computational modeling, psychophysics and EEG brain-computer interface (BCI).

Huaxia Rui

Rui, Huaxia

Assistant Professor of Computers and Information Systems, Simon Graduate School of Business Administration

Office: 3-318 Carol Simon Hall

Phone: (585) 275-4278


Research Interests: Social media, online advertising, securitization, and operation management, with a focus on how business can make use of “big data” from social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook to improve decision making.  Also how to efficiently allocate heterogeneous and uncertain display advertising opportunities among multiple advertisers.

Vincent Silenzio

Silenzio, Vincent

Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Family Medicine, Public Health Sciences, School of Medicine and Dentistry

Office: 1-8132 300 Crittenden Blvd.

Phone: (585) 273-4480


Research Interests: Applications of social informatics and related computational methods in studies of individual and population health.

Chris Stodgell

Stodgell, Chris

Research Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, School of Medicine and Dentistry

Office: 601 Elmwood Ave.

Phone: (585) 275-8762


Research Interests: Understanding the environmental and genetic etiologies of developmental disorders, such as autism spectrum disorders.

Robert Strawderman

Strawderman, Robert

Chair, Department of Biostatistics and Computational Biology
Dean’s Professor of Biostatistics

Office: 4122 Saunders Research Building

Phone: (585) 275-6688


Research Interests: Survival analysis; statistical inference for point process data (e.g., recurrent events); statistical methods for risk and outcome prediction in medicine, epidemiology and public health; statistical and computational methods for high dimensional data; statistical methods for evaluating the cost and quality of health care; asymptotics (theory and approximation); and various problems in statistical computing.

Xin Tu

Tu, Xin

Professor of Biostatistics and Psychiatry
Director, Statistical Consulting Center and the Psychiatric Statistics Division within the Department of Biostatistics and Computational Biology

Office: 4239 Saunders Research Building

Phone: (585) 275-0413


Research Interests: U-statistics, longitudinal data analysis, survival analysis with interval censoring and truncation, and pooled testing, addressing important methodological problems in HIV/AIDS, mental health and psychosocial research.

Axel Wismueller

Wismueller, Axel

Professor of Radiology, Biomedical Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Director, Computational Radiology Laboratory, Dept. of Imaging Sciences

Office: 2A218 Medical Center Annex Building

Phone: (585) 613-2399


Research Interests: Computational radiology and innovative methods for exploring high-dimensional data. Specifically: novel approaches to pattern recognition, machine learning, and intuitively intelligible visualization of biomedical imaging data; clinical applications to functional MRI neuroimaging in human brain mapping, breast cancer workup, bone fragility, molecular imaging analysis, and the diagnosis of cerebrovascular disease.