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Volume 60, Number 3, Spring-Summer 1998

Departments Features
Letters to the Editor

Dean's Message

Rochester in Review

  • Photo: Dean LeBlanc inaugurated
  • Engineering dean named
  • Two appointed to named chairs
  • Weill archives come to Eastman
  • Graduate programs among best, says U.S. News
  • Engineers can study abroad
  • Ancient Greek politics to aid in character education
  • Honoring political scientist Richard Fenno
  • Ana Hubbard's extended family
  • Notes on research
  • Rochester Quotes
  • Sports: Football coach; basketball teams celebrate milestones; fall wrap
  • Review Point: Ewa Hauser, Center for Polish and Central European Studies

Alumni Review

  • Alumni put Rochester eighth in Peace Corps ranking
  • Library acquires Heyen Collection
  • WRUR: 50 years and counting
  • In appreciation: Events hosts provide value added
  • Rochester traditions
  • Seasonal addresses
  • To contact a classmate

Alumni Gazette

  • Body language: Joan Jacobs Brumberg '65
  • Mr. Ambassador: George Ward '65
  • Piano man: Robert Palmieri '54E (MM)
  • In the mood: Robert Thayer '59 (PhD)
  • Icing the cake: Doug Abeles '81
  • Backstage star: Jana Levinson Llynn '81

Class Notes

  • River Campus Undergraduate
  • River Campus Graduate
  • Eastman School of Music
  • School of Medicine and Dentistry
  • School of Nursing
  • In Memoriam
  • Class Acts: Surgeon General confirmed, an Oscar nomination, and more
  • Alumni Relations: Achilles family
  • In Appreciation: Friends of Peter Lyman '74; Chuck Resler '30
  • Meliorist: Bob Klimasewski '66, '67 (Mas)

Books & Recordings
by alumni and faculty

  • Recommended Reading

John Barry '69 (MA): Power writer

Back cover
It's tradition: Boar's Head Dinner

Alumni Association Announcements

Special Report: Organic Chemistry Made (Relatively) Easy by Students' Own Peers
by Steve Bradt

Divided into small "workshop" groups, undergraduates successfully brainstorm their way through the intricacies of Chem 203.

Robin Hood and His Merry Myth
by Kathy Quinn Thomas

The renegade-with-a-heart-of-gold shows up throughout history, in poems, songs, and stories that date back at least six centuries. Ultimately, they can all be traced back to the legend of Robin Hood.

Nobelist Steven Chu--Atom Trapper
by Tom Rickey

The idea that you could use lasers--which normally generate intense heat--to create the coldest conditions in the universe seems impossible. But that's what Steven Chu '70 did.

The New Eastman Entrepreneurs
by Jan Fitzpatrick

"You can't just casually walk into the rehearsal hall a few minutes before the practice session. You have to have your act together." And that's just one of the things these young impresarios have learned.

The Fairness Principle
by Steven Landsburg '74 (MA)

Children and economists have a lot in common, says this Rochester economics professor: They know unfairness when they see it.

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