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January–February 2013
Vol. 75, No. 3

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8 Keys to Brain-Body Balance

By Robert Scaer ’59, ’63M (MD)

W. W. Norton & Co., 2012

Scaer, a neurologist who served for 20 years as medical director of rehabilitation services at the Mapleton Center in Boulder, Colo., offers an accessible explanation of the connection between our brains and the rest of our bodies and the reasons for the physical and emotional symptoms of stress and trauma. Intended for trauma patients, the book draws on Scaer’s 40 years of clinical experience.

Changing Students, Changing Suburbs: Helping School Leaders Face the Challenges

By Laura Bigaouette ’82 et al

Corwin Press, 2012

Bigaouette, assistant dean at Manhattanville College’s school of education, explores ways in which suburban schools can better meet the needs of a more ethnically and culturally diverse student body.

Successful Tails: The Wonders of Therapy Dogs

By Patricia Wheeler ’62, ’65W (Mas)

Authorhouse, 2012

Wheeler, a therapy dog handler in Northern California, provides a collection of stories, testimonials, and poems from more than 250 people who have benefited from the work of therapy dogs in nursing homes, children’s camps, and other settings.

Mental Status Examination Demystified: A Psychopathology Mini-Book

By Jeffrey Lyness ’83, ’86M (MD)

Jeffrey Lyness, 2012

Lyness, professor of psychiatry and senior associate dean for academic affairs at the School of Medicine and Dentistry, provides an overview for medical students, residents, and other clinical trainees in the health professions of the components of a mental status examination. Self-published, the book is available for the iPad through the Apple iBooks store.

Freedom of Speech and Society: A Social Approach to Freedom of Expression

By Harry Melkonian ’71

Cambria Press, 2012

Inspired by the social theories of Emile Durkheim and Jurgen Habermas, Melkonian, an honorary associate at Macquarie University Law School in Sydney, Australia, departs from the traditional justification of freedom of speech as an individual right, offering instead a justification based on the role of speech in modern, highly differentiated societies.

Principles of Social Change

By Leonard Jason ’76 (PhD)

Oxford University Press, 2013

Jason, professor of psychology and director of the Center for Community Research at DePaul University, offers practical suggestions for the ways in which social activists and mental health professionals driven by a concern for social justice can form coalitions to bring about community-based change.

The Power of Patient Stories: Learning Moments in Medicine

By Paul Griner ’59M (MD), ’65M (Res)

Self-published, 2012

Griner, professor emeritus of medicine at Rochester and a University trustee, presents a collection of 50 patient stories compiled over his 60-year career in medicine. Each of the stories, told in Griner’s words and intended for medical students as well as for a general audience, represent lessons learned and an opportunity to reflect on “the importance of ethics, professionalism, and good bedside diagnostic skills.”

The Lyrical Resonance Between Chinese Poets and Painters: The Tradition and Poetics of Tihuashi

By Daan Pan ’91 (PhD)

Cambria Press, 2011

Pan, professor of English at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, examines traditional Chinese tihuashi as a particular type of poetic genre.

A Dance of Polar Opposites: The Continuing Transformation of Our Musical Language

Edited by Jeremy Gill ’96E

University of Rochester Press, 2012

Gill edits and introduces the book by his mentor, composer George Rochberg. Sharing insights into more than three centuries of Western music, Rochberg “describes how the asymmetrical tonal language of the late 18th century . . . evolved through the gradual incursion of symmetry into a system based on the juxtaposition of tonal and atonal, asymmetrical and symmetrical.”

Term Limits and Their Consequences: The Aftermath of Legislative Reform

By Stanley Caress and Todd Kunioka ’96 (PhD)

SUNY Press, 2012

Kunioka, assistant professor of political science at California State University, Los Angeles, and a statistical analyst for Los Angeles County, and Caress, professor of political science at West Georgia University, examine the grassroots movement for legislative term limits, with a focus on California.

Ajanta’s Ledge: Poems

By Sascha Feinstein ’85

Sheep Meadows Press, 2012

Feinstein, professor of English at Lycoming College in Williamsport, Pa., presents a collection of poems exploring family, travel, and jazz.

A Pen Named Man: Our Essence

By John Newton ’72

Resource Publications, 2012

Newton, a retired Kodak patent specialist, offers philosophical and spiritual reflections.

Aesthetics Beyond the Arts: New and Recent Essays

By Arnold Berleant ’53E, ’55E (MA)

Ashgate Publishing, 2012

Berleant, professor emeritus of philosophy at Long Island University, presents a collection of essays written over the past 10 years exploring aesthetic experiences in the arts as well as in both natural and built environments.

Common Sense Conservative Prescriptions: Solutions for What Ails Us

By Ada Fisher ’79M (Res)

Ada Fisher, 2012

Fisher, a family physician and North Carolina Republican National Committeewoman, analyzes public policy problems facing the United States.

Partner in Survival: A Novel

By John Perry ’72 (PhD)

Lulu, 2012

In a science-inspired thriller that questions the nature of reality, astrophysicist Perry tells the story of siblings facing the reappearance of their deceased mother.

Steaming into a Victorian Future: A Steampunk Anthology

Edited by Julie Taddeo ’87, ’96 (PhD) and Cynthia Miller

Scarecrow Press, 2012

The historian Taddeo coedits a collection of essays on the popular subgenre of fantasy and science fiction that melds art, music, film, television, new media, and material culture. Taddeo contributes an essay, “Corsets of Steel: Steampunk’s Reimagining of Victorian Femininity.”

Prayers for Women Who Can’t Pray

By Melanie Craig-Hansford and Katharine Smithrim ’93E (PhD)

Wintergreen Studios Press, 2012

Smithrim, professor of education at Queens University in Kingston, Ontario, and Craig- Hansford present non- sectarian reflections for women who, in the face of either tragedy or the sublime, feel the urge to pray, but no longer find meaning in a personal God.

Piano Music for Little Fingers

By Ann Patrick Green ’57E, ’59E (MM)

Dover Publications, 2012

Green, a concert pianist and principal of Patrick’s Music School in Fullerton, Calif., offers an introductory volume for piano students from ages four to nine.



By Mission of Burma

Fire Records, 2012

The four-person post-punk band that includes Clint Conley ’77 on bass and lead vocals presents its fourth CD since reuniting in 2001.

Boiling Point: Music of Kenji Bunch

By Alias Chamber Ensemble

Delos Records, 2012

The Nashville-based ensemble that includes violinist, founder, and artistic director Zeneba Bowers ’94E, ’96E (MM), harpist Licia Jaskunas ’91E (MM), horn player Leslie Boggs Norton ’84E, and percussionist Chris Norton ’83E, ’86E (MA), performs the composer Bunch’s mix of roots music, modern rock, and jazz.


By Allen Vizzutti ’74E, ’76E (MM)

Village Place Music, 2012

Trumpeter Vizzutti performs eclectic selections with bassist Stanley Clarke and pianist Chick Corea.

The Music of Greg Danner, Vol. 1: Walls of Zion

By Greg Danner ’80E (MM)

Mark Masters, 2012

Danner, professor of theory and composition at Tennessee Technological University, presents a volume of music for winds, including performances by the Rutgers Wind Ensemble, the Drake University Wind Symphony, the U.S. Air Force Band of Mid-America, and the Tennessee Tech Symphony Band.

Black Tie Optional

By the Bowties

Bowties, 2012

The Bowties, a Rochester a cappella group that includes Alan Wertheimer ’68, ’74 (PhD) and John Langfitt, associate professor at the Strong Epilepsy Center, perform 15 songs, including a live rendition of the Queen classic “Bohemian Rhapsody” at Kodak Hall in 2011.

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