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Academic Opportunities

3-2 Programs: Information about combined bachelor’s and master’s programs.

Certificate and Citation Programs: Defines what certificate and citation programs are, and lists available certificate and citation programs. 

Fellowships and Scholarships: Lists fellowships and gives advice for applying to them.

GRADE Program: GRADE is a five-year BA/BS + MSEd program for students interested in becoming educators. This site has information about the program, including how to apply.

Independent Study: Information about independent study courses, including how to request one, credit limitations, and course numbers and titles.

Interdepartmental Programs: Information about planning, writing, and the approval process for interdepartmental programs.

Internships: Information about internship criteria, course requirements, and grading, as well as a list of departmental internships.

e5 (formerly known as KEY) Program:The e5 (KEY) Program supports student entrepreneurs and the website has information about the program itself, applying to the program, and related courses.

Meliora Seminars: Small, selective courses that allow students and faculty to study different humanities topics.

Mentor Collective: International online mentoring community.

Take Five Scholars: The Take Five Scholars Program allows students to take an additional semester or year tuition-free to explore academic interests outside of their major. In addition to general information about the program, this page provides information about the program deadlines and application. 

Senior Scholars: Information about the Senior Scholars Research Program, in which students devote an entire year to a single academic project.

Study Abroad: Details important factors surrounding study abroad including study abroad status, transfer credit, financial aid, and application deadlines.

Undergraduate Research: Includes information about research grants, awards, conferences, student organizations, and more.

US Life Course: Course designed to help international students adjust socially and academically.