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November–December 2010
Vol. 73, No. 2

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Library Looks Great

While each issue of Rochester Review has something of interest, the picture of the renovated Messinger Periodical Reading Room (“Room by Room,” In Review, September-October) and the adjoining Graduate Study Rooms really caught my eye. These rooms on the west side of the library have been restored wonderfully!

The story makes mention of the fluorescent ceiling lights that were installed in the reading room in the 1960s. By the 1970s the lights, which largely obscured the beautiful ceiling above them, had started to go out. I had a part-time job working with the campus electricians and spent much of the summer of 1976 up on a scaffold inside that room working above my head to replace lighting ballasts and bulbs in what seemed like an infinite number of light fixtures.

While that may have improved the light coming from those fixtures, I have never been so pleased to see some of my work made obsolete. The room looks so much better than it had back then. I had a number of jobs while at school, learning both inside and outside the classroom. I’m glad to see that things have gotten even better in so many areas at the U of R—library lighting included!

Bob Strong ’77
Niskayuna, N.Y.

To see views of the Messinger rooms, named in honor of trustee Martin Messinger ’49 and his family, visit Review’s Web site at We’ve posted 360-degree panoramas as well as before and after photos —Editor.

Thanks, Mitch

Karen McCally’s article on the illustrious career of Mitch Miller ’32E (“An Unlikely ‘Prince of Pop,’ ” Alumni Gazette, September-October) failed to note that he was a 1928 graduate of Rochester’s East High School.

In 2003, my wife and I (along with some 1,600 other East alumni) attended the celebration of my high school’s centennial. Mitch, class of ’28, who was accompanied by his two brothers (classes of ’30 and ’31), was honorary chairman and featured speaker at the event which was held at the Rochester Riverside Convention Center.

As Mitch began his talk, I imagined that some may have been expecting to hear a litany of his accomplishments in the music business. How wrong that turned out to be. His talk centered on how the Rochester public schools, especially his teachers at East, proved to be such a lasting influence on his life and career; needless to say, just what his audience wanted to hear. As we all filed out that night, the pride etched on the faces of 1,600 alums was indeed palpable.

Thanks a lot, Mitch!

Dan Riley ’52
Clifton Park, N.Y.

The author is a 1943 graduate of East High —Editor.

Role of Congress, White House?

The efforts of Drs. Gary Gorton ’83 (PhD) and Kenneth French ’78S (MBA), ’83S (PhD) as reported, are certainly a worthy endeavor (“Crisis Responders,” September-October). However, there was little to no mention of the “elephant in the room”—Congress and the White House.

Of course, banks and other financial institutions overreached in risk and ethical behavior. But that doesn’t remove the devastating effect of Congress and the White House. In fact, we now learn that again more pressure has been applied on banks to lend, perhaps presaging the next meltdown.

The question remains: How can one preempt Congress and the White House from causing undesirable consequences?

Raymond Harrold ’54
Northborough, Mass.

Department of Corrections

A story on violinist Kelly Hall-Tompkins ’93E (“Sharing Music, Feeding Souls,” Alumni Gazette, September-October) should have noted that she serves occasionally as the concertmaster of the New York Pops. While she is the concertmaster for the Chamber Orchestra of New York, she doesn’t serve that role full time with the Pops.

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