University of Rochester

Graduate Fellowships

All admitted doctoral students receive full tuition scholarships covering the annual cost of graduate study. In addition, doctoral students also generally receive fellowship stipends of $18,000 per year for five years.

An application automatically makes students eligible for two University-wide fellowships: the Sproull Fellowship and the Dean's Graduate Fellowship. Both of these stipends currently provide $22,000 to eligible students during years they receive the fellowship.

Students may elect to participate in the College Writing Program during their third and fourth years, for a total compensation of $15,000 in each of those years. Students participating in the program will also receive a $3,000 grant for training. In this program, students will design and run their own section of the "Writing and Reasoning" course taught through the College of Arts and Sciences.  Students participating in the College Writing Program are also eligible to teach such courses in their fifth and sixth year of study for additional compensation.

The Department is proud to be able to offer admitted MA students a half-tuition scholarship.

Writing Fellowships

The Writing Center, which is part of the College of Arts and Science, provides extra stipends ($1,500 per course) to History students who participate in the teaching of CAS 105: Writing and Reasoning in the College. The final two years of the History Department Fellowship is provided in conjunction with the Writing Program.

Participation in the Writing Program allows graduate students to develop their own courses. A $2,000 grant is provided to students to participate in English 571, a pedagogy course to train instructors.

Graduate students can also apply for Writing Fellowships in their fifth and sixth years. Currently these fellowships provide $12,000 to eligible students.