Brady Scholars Program

About the Program

The Brady Scholarship is one of the University of Rochester’s premier scholarship programs, providing ongoing financial support and individual academic advising, peer mentoring, and special academic and social opportunities designed specifically for Brady Scholars.
The scholarship was established in 2010, thanks to the vision of Richard Feldman, then Dean of the College, to make a positive impact on the lives of students participating in the College’s Early Connection Opportunity program, who were enthusiastic and driven, yet who needed financial assistance to help make their college aspirations come true. Brady Scholars have done just that, achieving their goals with strong retention and graduation rates. Since the program began, 89 students have been named Brady Scholars.
We are proud to recognize the contributions and influence of Dr. Elizabeth Pungello Bruno’s grandfather, William H. Brady, Jr., whose generosity and vision gave her the opportunity to fund these life-changing opportunities for so many students. Growing up during the Great Depression, he came from very humble beginnings, but with education, hard work, and tenacity, went on to create a publicly traded company that helped make this scholarship possible. In the past several years, other leaders have joined in supporting this important program.

Scholarship Benefits

  • A four-year scholarship to the University of Rochester; guaranteed for a total of up to eight semesters pending completion of graduation requirements and maintenance of renewal requirements
  • University of Rochester bookstore grant each academic year
  • Individual mentoring and academic support
  • Enrichment fund to support other enhancements or needs related to the academic or professional experience
  • Access to a special LinkedIn network of past and present fellow scholars

Brady Scholars Brady Enrichment Fund

The College provides an enrichment fund of up to $5,000 to be used for summer school courses, academic or professional endeavors, study abroad, or other enhancements or needs related to the academic program over the course of a four-year experience. Brady scholars are eligible to pursue additional funding through the Research and Innovation Grant (RIG), REACH, and/or Discover programs for summer internships and undergraduate research.

The following are not covered under the fund:

  • URos/Flex Account optional funds established as a separate account on your student ID card for use at all dining locations on campus, non-food items on campus (printing and copying, etc.), and several restaurants and stores off campus
  • Individual fees that are not required for a course such as dorm damage, parking tickets, library charges, and Dean’s fees

Scholarship Expectations

Students who accept the Brady Scholarship must be willing to provide a biography, give permission for photography, and participate in building the Brady Scholars community. Any written or photographic material is requested solely for the purpose of donor stewardship and will not be published without the student’s advance consent.

Scholarship renewal:

  • Students must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) as defined by the University and Federal SAP Policy to renew their scholarship.
  • Students must apply for financial aid by March 15 annually for full consideration.

Brady Scholar Support Team

Dominique Williams-Hill, Assistant Director, Financial Aid
Dr. Walisa S. N. Grady, Associate Director, Office of Minority Student Affairs
Deontae McLachlan, Academic Counselor, Office of Minority Student Affairs
Tatyana Gulston, Administrative Assistant, Office of Minority Student Affairs