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Meet the Team

Leadership Board 2018-19

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Arinarkin, Mike, Class of 2021

  • Communication Manager

Mike is a Class of 2021 student at the University of Rochester double majoring in Computer Science & Business with a cluster in dance (although he may change majors once again, of course). Mike discovered debate at the University of Rochester, participating in both British Parliamentary and Policy debate throughout the year. Born and raised in Moscow, Russia, Mike considers himself a global citizen striving to improve the globe for all.  Mike's life purpose could be summarized as “making the world ever better while having fun and earning money"

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Himi, Tahsin Rakib, Class of 2020

  • Scribe

Himi is currently a Biomedical Engineering student. She is from New York City but was born and raised in Bangladesh for the most part. One thing she strongly believes is that no one is born a debater and everyone can learn the art of persuasion! Feel free to reach out if you want to grab bubble tea or talk about Gossip Girl / Grey's Anatomy!

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Kambilonje, Vitumbiko, Class of 2020

  • Vice President

Vitumbiko is a native of Malawi reading Political Science with concentrations in Business and Economics. In the coming academic year, Vitumbiko hopes to bolster both formats of debate, and strengthen URDU's presence at the University of Rochester. In his leisure time, he can be found in your local library reading a picture book or enjoying a good podcast. 

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Linganur, Niki, Class of 2020

  • President
Niki is an Honors Economics major with minors in Finance and Statistics, hailing from Melbourne, Australia. Currently a junior, she was exposed to the world of debate only in her freshmen year, making novice induction & outreach her biggest goal as President! She's especially excited to teach and guide new debaters through their debate experiences, whilst learning from them along the way! If you catch her outside of the debate office (a superbly rare occurrence) she's probably: rereading Harry Potter (for the millionth time), indulging in her beloved espressos or watching overdramatic Bollywood movies!
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Manuele, Dylan, Class of 2021

  • Publicity Manager

Dylan is a sophomore majoring in Biomedical Engineering. Dylan likes to play guitar, tennis, and build things in his free time. As this year’s Publicity Manager, Dylan's goal is to increase URDU’s involvement on campus and reach out to more students interested in debate.

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Ntshangase, Sakhile, Class of 2021

  • Equity Officer

Sakhile Ntshangase is freshmen from Johannesburg, South Africa. He is double majoring in International Relations, and Economics with a minor in African and African American Studies. He is also passionate about race, black economic empowerment, and social justice. Among other things, he enjoys traveling, reading books, writing, dancing, and listening to music. Sakhile aspires to contribute to making URDU a better, and safe space for everyone, and is excited to grow as a debater, a leader, and public speaker.

Andres Ollarvez

Ollarvez, Andres, Class of 2019

  • Spanish Language Debate Captain
Andres is a Computer Science major from Maracaibo, Venezuela — the land of the beloved sun and the ever-lasting storm, where the weather is as contradictory as its people. Unless you count arguing constantly with his brother, Andres had no prior debate experience to URDU and now competes in the Worlds format. Andres is excited to be the scribe this year, but more importantly is excited to publish pro-capitalist memes in the minutes. Andres also is involved in Student Government and has written two articles in the Campus Times.
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Orko, Warish, Class of 2021

  • British Parliamentary Debate Captain

Warish is an aspiring Epicurean from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Currently part of the Class of 2021, he is pursuing a major in Biomedical Engineering. When not pursuing lofty goals of reverse-engineering the human brain and satiating an ever-expanding appetite for knowledge, he can be found enjoying dense science-fiction novels, digital art, and melancholic hip-hop music.

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Voltime, Charles, Class of 2021

  • Policy Debate Captain
Charles began debating as a first-year at the U of R and made it to novice finals of CEDA.