Institute for Popular Music

About Us

A Message from the Director

I am delighted to serve as the founding director of the new University of Rochester Institute for Popular Music.  The UR IPM will be dedicated to promoting the scholarly study of popular music, among both students and professional scholars, and at The University of Rochester and around the world. The UR IPM brings together an Advisory Board of the top experts in the academic study of popular music to help develop effective means of encouraging and facilitating the highest caliber of research work and teaching in a wide range of popular music repertories.  The UR IPM will strive to enrich the study of popular music at the University of Rochester while also working to support the best research work in the many fields that popular music touches, most especially musicology, music theory, ethnomusicology, and performance. 

In these early days of the Institute we are still planning the ways in which we can serve our mission.  Here are some of the initiatives we have in motion already:

  • A centralized, multidisciplinary cross listing of courses on popular music available to UR students;
  • A speaker series that features leading scholars in the field;
  • Summer workshops to train teachers of popular music, or bring together top scholars in the field to share and develop their research; and
  • Pre-doctoral and post-doctoral fellowships.

Working with our Advisory Board and Faculty Associates, we will be developing other ways of supporting and promoting the study of popular music.  Some of these may involve, for instance, taking advantage of Internet technology to bring lectures, workshops, and other scholarly and teaching content to scholars and students worldwide.  

John CovachThis is an exciting time to be developing initiatives--a time of change and opportunity--and we are eager to do all we can to promote the mission of the UR IPM.  Please check back with us often to see what new and exciting things are happening here.

John Covach, Director