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Smoking Cessation

The average smoker dies 10 years younger than a non-smoker. Quitting in your college years will virtually eliminate the risk of an early death. Quitting smoking will do yourself, your finances, and those around you a favor. You can get ahead of tobacco.


The University Health Service (UHS) understands that quitting tobacco is not easy. Although it may be a personal challenge for many, UHS is prepared to provide you with the appropriate support and services that you need.

How Can UHS Help?

If you are ready to make the decision to quit smoking or are interested in talking about smoking cessation, your primary care provider (PCP) at UHS can help you pick a quit date and stay on track to help you through the quitting process. UHS can provide nicotine replacement (gum, patches, inhalers, and lozenges) that is safer than cigarettes. Medications are also available to help reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

Call UHS at 585-275-2662 today to make an appointment with your PCP to start the conversation about quitting smoking. UHS has resources to help you assess your readiness to quit.

NYS Smokers' Quitline

National Quitline

For Other Resources & More Information

For more information, contact Linda Dudman in the UHS Health Promotion Office at (585) 273-5770 or