Young Alumni Support

The support of all alumni is essential for U of R to maintain its tradition of excellence. As young alumni—those who have graduated in the last 10 years (2007-2016) —you represent the future of U of R. Young alumni make up one fourth of all UR living alumni and your participation is essential in establishing a foundation upon which U of R can rely.

Your Gift Matters

Every gift makes a difference…especially yours. Why give?

  • Your investment will provide networking opportunities, social connections with other U of R alumni, reconnect you with the University, and show your investment in the future of U of R.
  • A gift of any amount shows your vote of confidence in U of R. 
  • A gift shows you are invested in the future of the University. Your gift of any size will help boost our rankings in US News and World Report.

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Many employers match the charitable gifts of their employees. See if your company is a matching gift employer.  

The George Eastman Circle is the University’s leadership annual giving society. As a recent graduate of the last decade, the George Eastman Circle offers an Associate level membership which carries all the benefits of joining at the Member level but allows you the ability to tailor your giving schedule over the five year commitment. Learn more here.

If you could donate your cup of coffee to U of R, would you? Join our young alumni participation challenge of “Just5” and make a $5 participation gift or the equivalent of a cup of coffee to UR. Your gift will increase Rochester’s alumni giving percentage which boosts our national rankings and demonstrates your support of a Rochester education. Make your "Just5" gift here.


Through gifts, of any amount, for two or more years, you will become a member of Rochester Loyal. Learn more about Rochester Loyal


The Young Alumni Council is the primary volunteer leadership group for young alumni. The Young Alumni Council was formed to help keep Rochester’s recent alumni engaged, connected and involved. Learn more about the YAC.

Stay connected with other U of R alumni by attending an event in your area, volunteering, or connecting with your classmates on social media. Learn more about ways to connect.


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