Department of English



The English Department has a variety of clusters that may be used to fulfill the University requirements for a balanced program of study. Click on the Department Cluster Directory to see listings and descriptions.  The Cluster Homepage will give you information about all the clusters at the University. If you have any questions, or if you need help completing a cluster that has been cancelled, do not hesitate to contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies. Students can also petition to have a particular course count in a cluster, provided the exception is in agreement with the spirit of the original cluster, and with the endorsement of the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

English Clusters

  • Literature and Cultural Identity (H1ENG001)
  • Gender and Writing (H1ENG002)
  • American and African American Studies (H1ENG006)
  • Medieval Studies (H1ENG007)
  • Modern and Contemporary Literature (H1ENG008)
  • Novels (H1ENG009)
  • Great Books, Great Authors (H1ENG010)
  • Plays, Playwrights, and Theater (H1ENG011)
  • Poems, Poetry, and Poetics (H1ENG012)
  • Creative Writing (H1ENG015)
  • Media, Culture and Communication (H1ENG016)
  • Theatre Production and Performance (H1ENG018)