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Athletic Hall of Fame

Charles G. Cochrane

Charles G. Cochrane, M.D.


At Rochester:

  • Played in the #1 position for tennis for three straight years, sophomore through senior seasons


  • Earned his M.D. from the University's School of Medicine in 1956
  • Shortly after graduation, he worked at the Department of Microbiological Chemistry at the Institut Pasteur in Paris, France, 1959-60
  • Returned to the United States to work with the Scripps Clinic and Research Foundation in varying capacities
  • Served as a member of the Department of Immuno-pathology at the Scripps Clinic since 1974
  • Held four fellowships between 1953-54 and 1964-69
  • A member of 18 professional organizations
  • Has served 10 different consultanships and is a member of 12 editorial boards
  • Has lectured professionally throughout North America and Europe