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Athletic Hall of Fame

Norman Gay

Norman Gay


At Rochester:

  • Played three years of football as a guard on offense and a nose guard on defense
  • Holder of a Prize Scholarship
  • President of the Student Council
  • Winner of the Terry Prize
  • Phi Beta Kappa in Engineering
  • Earned a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering


  • Earned a master's degree in Mechanical Engineering at Cornell in 1946, and a Ph.D. from Purdue in 1960
  • Director of Texas A & M Engineering Experiment Station in 1961
  • Appointed Dean of Engineering at University of Notre Dame later in 1961
  • In 1965, named one of 25 All-American Team in Sports Illustrated
  • Served in World War II as an Executive Officer on LST in South and Central Pacific
  • Passed away on October 31, 1966