Advising Services—Current Students


Students can earn academic credit for unpaid internships in the profit and non-profit sectors. We believe that a supervised work experience can provide a valuable educational experience that augments the regular academic program of students. Most internships are completed during the junior or senior year; freshmen are not permitted to carry internships.

Combining Academic Inquiry with Work Experience

The academic portion is supervised by a full-time member of the University's teaching faculty, and the academic work to be completed is determined by mutual agreement between the student intern and the faculty sponsor. The academic credit awarded ranges from four to sixteen hours.

The direct work experience portion is supervised by the staff where the internship takes place, and the amount of work varies from the equivalent of a full-time job, such as in the full-semester programs, to 10-16 hours a week in local 4-credit internships undertaken during the semester as part of a student's regular academic program. Special options are available for students wishing to register for internships during the summer.


Internships for credit are part of the Independent Studies Program. The following guidelines exist for admission to these programs:

  1. They require the agreement of a faculty sponsor, the Dean's Office, and the supervisory personnel of the agency or office where the internship is to occur. See below for special information concerning summer internships.
  2. Each internship is expected to be consistent with the overall direction of the student's academic program or probable future career.
  3. Credit arrangements are subject to the regulations of the individual department in which the faculty sponsor teaches or the internship is located.
  4. A student may take no more than one 4-credit Independent Studies course (including an internship) per semester.
  5. A student may take no more than 8 credits of Independent Studies courses (including internships) with the same faculty member.
  6. All internships for more than 4 credits, with the exception of the Washington Semester Program, Art Core New York, and the Internships in Europe programs, require the approval of the Internship Committee which should be requested prior to the start of the semester in which the internship is proposed.

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