Advising Council

The goal of the advising council, created in spring 2021, is to better coordinate the delivery of academic advising services and improve communication, coordination, and collaboration for advisors, faculty, and student support offices in the College. The council is composed of advisors from the College Center for Advising Services, the David T. Kearns Center, the Office of Minority Student Affairs, the Greene Center for Career Education and Connections, and the Barry Florescue Undergraduate Business Program.

Responsibilities and objectives of the advising council:

  • Hold workshops for advisors on the third Thursday of each month
  • Provide a better understanding of advising policies and procedures
  • Provide a central space for offices to share resources, programs, and updates that can benefit students
  • Share strategies, best practices, and emerging research related to advising methods
  • Be a resource to faculty and staff for support in academic advising
  • Share and provide training and updates with regard to technology used in the advising process
  • Provide a space to review opportunities for improvement, identify issues, and discuss advancement in academic advising and strategic planning
  • Provide a sustainable advising experience that is engaging, enriching, and inspiring for our staff and our students
  • Encourage collaboration, connection, and development across campus communities

If you have ideas for an upcoming workshop, please submit them using our online form. To contact us email