New Incoming Students

Each new first-year and transfer student is assigned to a College advisor who will remain with them from their first semester of college until graduation. New students enrolling in August, can expect to receive communications about the advising and registration schedule from their College advisor during the month of July. Students enrolling mid-year will receive communications from their advisor beginning in December. Registration for courses takes place online prior to the start of classes. Students can view their advisor’s name and contact information in UR Student.

In the Hajim School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, each entering student is assigned to a College advisor, a faculty advisor, and an undergraduate coordinator in their planned field of study.

College advisors are experienced staff members who are knowledgeable about course planning, academic resources, and opportunities for enhancing students’ educational experiences. College advisors are also responsible for helping students learn about the academic resources available in each department for planning majors, minors and clusters.

Each semester, College advisors communicate with their advisees by email, generally to remind students about important activities and deadlines. Meetings between students and their advisors are scheduled by the student, and typically take place at least once a semester, until graduation.

Faculty advisors are an important component of Rochester’s advising model. Beginning with their first semester at Rochester, students are encouraged to explore the Rochester Curriculum and get to know faculty and departmental advisors within their programs of interest. Faculty advisors have specific knowledge about majors and minors within their departments; they have special expertise regarding opportunities within their disciplines, undergraduate research, and the classroom experience. Upon the formal declaration of their major, typically at the end of the sophomore year, students are assigned to a faculty or staff advisor within their program of study.