Graduate Studies

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PhD Dissertation Committees

As codified in the Graduate Studies Bulletin:

The committee for the final examination for the PhD degree is appointed by the University dean of graduate studies on the advice of the appropriate associate dean of graduate studies. The committee shall consist of:

Exceptions to the above must be approved in writing.

The University dean of graduate studies may appoint no more than one guest member, with vote, to any PhD final examination when requested by the program director or chair of the department concerned. The guest member may either replace or be in addition to the usual outside reader.

Such guest members shall be recognized experts in the field of the dissertation, but not necessarily members of a university faculty. A guest member who is not a current or former faculty member of the University must be approved by the University dean of graduate studies prior to the dissertation being registered. A request to the University dean of graduate studies must include a curriculum vitae and must have been approved by the associate dean of graduate studies in the relevant school.

Interdisciplinary Programs
For interdisciplinary programs, “inside” and “outside” committee members are specifically defined as follows:

Faculty Approved to Serve on Committees (Senior Scientists)
The following faculty have also been approved to serve on PhD committees as an "inside" member in the specified department:

NameInside Department Designation
Julie Bentley Optics
Thomas Boehly Mechanical Engineering
Howard Budd Physics and Astronomy
R. Stephen Craxton Physics and Astronomy
Jianming Dai Optics
Pawel de Barbaro Physics and Astronomy
William Donaldson Electrical Engineering
Bill Forrest Physics and Astronomy
Dustin Froula Physics and Astronomy
George Ginther Physics and Astronomy
Valeri Goncharov Mechanical Engineering
Daniel Haberberger Physics and Astronomy
David Harding Chemical Engineering
Stephen Jacobs Optics
Stu Jordan Political Science
John Marciante Optics
Andrei Maximov Mechanical Engineering
Jason Myatt Mechanical Engineering
Philip Nilson Physics and Astronomy
Judy Pipher Physics and Astronomy
Fred Rogosch Clinical and Social Sciences in Psychology
Willis Sakumoto Physics and Astronomy
Thomas Sangster Physics and Astronomy
Ansgar Schmid Mechanical Engineering
Wolf Seka Optics
Tolga Soyata Electrical Engineering
Marek Zielinski Physics and Astronomy