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University Procedures for Threat Level Changes

ORANGE Convene the Emergency Preparedness Core Group to perform a threat assessment
(Emergency Preparedness Core Group)

Monitor professional communications such as NYIN and the Health Alert Network (HAN)

Monitor news information stations (MSNBC, CNN) for change in threat level or significant developments, as appropriate, take specific actions

Assess the need to have public relations coordinate with security and send out reminders to staff to check vendor credentials and reporting unusual activities to security

Evaluate the need to send out advisory communication to university constituencies and resident populations

Be prepared for shift modifications if plan escalates

Coordinate with divisions as appropriate, i.e. if specific threat targets are identified

Assess supply of applicable Personal Protective Equipment and have appropriate departments review procedures for using PPE

Discuss defensive perimeters around key structures. Determine capability to quickly remove vehicles that might be abandoned or blocking entrances

Identify potential restricted areas and prepare to restrict access

Review access for roof, mechanical rooms and other areas that provide access to air intake areas or critical infrastructure


Assess readiness of the Emergency Operation Center

At the beginning and end of each security shift, as well as at other regular intervals, inspect the exterior building perimeter ground level air intakes and access/egress points for suspicious packages.


Re-ensure the security of "quantities of concern" radiological material and all select agents

Assess mail handling procedures and review policies for suspicious packages

Review HVAC systems, including system controls and filtering as appropriate

Review fuel and other critical infrastructure supplies as needed

Verify emergency generator fuel ports are secured

Verify mobile generator set is ready with appropriate spare parts

Verify Data Center generator is operational and spare parts are available

Prepare for shift modifications if plan escalates

RED Perform incremental activities in level orange plus the following
(AVP of Facilities & Services)

Activate Emergency Response Plan

Open up the Emergency Operations Center

Verify EOC Job Action Sheets available


Assess specific threat and involve key divisional personnel as appropriate

Evaluate the need to have only essential staff report

Evaluate the need to cancel public events occurring with the institution

Maintain communication with County EOC

Public Relations in coordination with security communicate with students and staff regarding possible types of threats, how to prepare and what information to report

Ensure Residential Halls are secure

Assess the need to implement parking restrictions and park vehicles away from facilities

Assess the need to make staff schedule modifications

Assess need for food service to provide meals to staff

Have Administrative Sector begin collecting expense data (personnel, equipment, supplies, and other costs) related to these guidelines


Place traffic and pedestrian barriers in place as directed by EOC

Secure all high profile building doors and implement positive identification of all persons - no exceptions. Search all suitcases, brief cases, backpacks, packages, etc., brought into the facility

Increase defensive perimeters around facility. Make frequent checks of the exterior. Deliveries should not be accepted unless approved by Incident Manager. All deliveries are to be opened outside the facility and minimal personnel should be in the immediate area when deliveries are opened


Inspect all incoming mail or packages brought into the facility. Open all deliveries outside the facilities with minimal personnel present

Institute bus drop off points away from the facilities

Assess the need to implement staff schedule modifications

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