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Loisa Bennetto

Areas of expertise: Developmental disabilities; specifically autism

Patrick Davies

Areas of expertise: Family discord, marital conflict, and the effects of marital discord on young children.

Edward Deci

Areas of expertise: Human motivation

Andrew Elliot

Areas of expertise: Human motivation

Rafael Klorman

Areas of expertise: Childhood learning disorders, specifically ADHD.

Jody Todd Manly

Areas of expertise: Child maltreatment, family violence, childhood trauma, early child development.

Harry Reis

Areas of expertise: Relationships and emotions: intimacy, attachment, and emotion regulation.

Ronald Rogge

Areas of expertise: Marriage, dating, relationships, couples therapy and military psychology (Rogge was a Navy psychologist during the Iraq war and worked with soldiers.)

Richard Ryan

Areas of expertise: Motivation, personality, psychotherapy, well-being, materialism, education and video games

Judith Smetana

Areas of expertise: Adolescent-parent relationships, parenting, and children's development of morality and moral reasoning.

Sheree Toth

Areas of expertise: Child development, maltreatment, maternal depression, and evidence-based interventions

Miron Zuckerman

Areas of expertise: Social cognition, personality and health, and nonverbal behavior