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Dan M. Watson

Arts, Sciences, and Engineering

Department of Physics And Astronomy

Areas of expertise: Infrared and Radio Astronomy

Press contact:
Peter Iglinski

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In the News

Science Magazine
A Solar System That Looks Like Home
March 16, 2008

News Releases

Supersonic 'Rain' Falls on Newborn Star
Forming Solar System Deluged with Oceans of Water

August 28, 2007

University Presents Goergen Awards to Faculty, Staff during College Convocation
August 25, 2006

Rapid-Born Planets Present 'Baby Picture' of Our Early Solar System
September 09, 2005

Dan Watson studies both infrared and radio astronomy. He focuses on the physics of the formation of planets and stars, the physics of the interstellar medium in our galaxy and other galaxies, and in the development of instruments and detectors for infrared astronomy.