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Sage Art Center and the Hajim School Dean's office joined forces to celebrate the blend of engineering, technology, science, and art. Read more about the days' spelling bees, games, costumes and other hilarity in The Buzz and in organizer Derek Crowe's Sage blog recap.

  • people in bright costumes and headbands
  • Team Art!
  • people in superhero shirts
  • Team Science!
  • woman making a printed shirt
  • Printmaking is a traditional feature of Sagefest.
  • caped students high-five
  • Apparently these caped crusaders haven't seen The Incredibles ("No capes!").
  • caped tin rocket It's not a festival without bubbles.
  • parents unloading the car A true merging of art and science. But mostly art.
  • greenish woman paints a floor green
  • Preparing for some performance art.
  • caped students with a superhero theme