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Susan B. Anthony Birthday Remembrance

February 15, 2013

Susan Brownell Anthony, born 193 years ago today, dedicated her life to winning for women their political, civil, economic and educational rights. The Department of Rare Books and Special Collections has acquired several artifacts related to the life of Miss Anthony, a resident of Rochester from 1845 until her death in 1906.

Susan B. Anthony

An early photo of Susan B. Anthony, taken in 1920

locket with cameo of Susan B. Anthony
Cameo cut by Pio Siotto of Rome and set in gold by the London jeweler George Blogg & Co., inscribed on verso to Mary S. Anthony. Siotto worked from a photograph of Susan B. Anthony taken in March 1883 by G. Borelli in Rome, and from life, at sittings in his studio. Anthony, who gave a second cameo to Jane Spofford, pronounced the work "quite good I think."

Listen to the story of how Susan B. Anthony worked to get women admitted to the University (mp3).
(From The Croceus, a magazine published by the Women of the Junior Class of the University of Rochester, 1909, as read by Honey Meconi, Director of the Susan B. Anthony Institute for Gender and Women's Studies)

handwritten note

This note was written by Susan B. Anthony on the occasion of the third class of women entering the University of Rochester in September 1902.  —"Today I hope will see thirty or fourty more than 68- pupils enter the Rochester University - May their numbers increase - until the daughters of the city shall be all thoroughly educated is the hope of yours truly, Susan B. Anthony - Rochester - N.Y. - Sept. 18, 1902"

View the livestream of "Susan B. Anthony and the Material World," presented Carolyn Ducey, Curator of Collections at the International Quilt Study Center and Museum, University of Nebraska. From the Susan B. Anthony Institute for Gender and Women's Studies 2013 Humanities Project Series.

Cup and saucer purchased by Susan B. Anthony for her mother.

cloth-covered buttons
Dress buttons owned by Susan B. Anthony.

Susan B. Anthony Susan B. Anthony

Faculty, students and staff at the University of Rochester commemorated Susan B. Anthony's 192nd birthday in 2012 with a visit to her gravesite in Mount Hope Cemetery, to leave yellow roses and remember.

Postcards were an affordable way to spread a message; this is one of several Anthony-related postcards in the Rare Books and Special Collections archive.