Livescribe Echo Smart Pen Demo Video Transcript

This is the Echo Smartpen from Livescribe. What makes it smart? It records everything you hear, write, and draw, and links the audio to your notes. Just tap on your notes to replay what was said at that point in time.

[Pen replays audio: "It records everything you hear, write and draw...]

Here's how it works. First, tap the "Record" button in your notebook. The Smartpen starts recording everything you hear and write. Write notes, draw diagrams, mark important stuff. Then tap "Stop" to finish recording. Later, you can replay the audio by tapping on your notes, speed up or slow them down as you need...

[Pen replays audio at a quicker, then slower pace as the respective buttons are activated.]

...To get exactly what you need. One smart pen, huh?

Livescribe Symphony Smart Pen Demo Video Transcript

My name is Charlotte, and today I'm going to introduce to you the Livescribe Symphony Smartpen. This device is helpful for recording lectures while taking notes to return to later and listen to, or just taking notes without audio and translating them to text documents.

Let's begin by working through the basics of setup. Your pen powers on simply by removing this cap. You can connect your pen to an Android or iOS device, such as a phone or tablet. It's not yet compatible with desktops, though.

In the package comes a cable, which you can connect to your device's USB port for charging, or a wall charger. This isn't necessary for connecting the pen to your paper.

Connection to your phone or tablet works through Bluetooth. Make sure to turn that on before attempting to pair. Next, download the Livescribe app in your App Store. This is how you will upload all your pencasts you've created with or without audio.

All right. Let's get to using the pen! You will need to keep a phone or tablet near you if you'd like to record audio. If you don't want to record audio, you do not need your phone. Your pen can be used on its own with your Livescribe Smart Paper. You can record up to 1200 pages before your pen runs out of storage and needs to be backed up to a separate device.

Take the cap off the pen, and it's powered on. On the first page of your sample notebook, gently tap "Device Pairing" until your pen blinks blue.

Open the Bluetooth settings on your smart device if you'd like to record audio to connect with Symphony. Now, go to your Livescribe app and follow the instructions to pair your pen with the app.

Once you have your pen connected to your phone and set up with your Livescribe app, you can begin writing. If you'd like to record audio in a pencast, keep your Livescribe app open and press the "Record" button at the bottom of the page.

You can also write phone numbers, emails, or even websites. You'll notice in your pencasts that these will create hyperlinks or abilities to add these phone numbers into your contacts.

Now, let's go to your app. Click on the coordinated notebook that you've been using, and it will pull up the pencast that you created in your app. Green text has audio with it. Go ahead and click on it. As you can see, the audio is being played with the playback button below.

If you don't want to stress about syncing your feed to your other webpages, go ahead and click "Auto-send." It's compatible with these apps. You can also send every time using just "Send." You can print, you can email, and share these notes with anyone.

Lastly, if you'd like to switch your written text to typed text, you can swipe from left to right in your feed, and it will switch all of them to written out. Sometimes it has a hard time reading things like u's and translates them to v's, but for the most part it works pretty well.

I hope this helped you get the hang of your new Smartpen. Have a good day!