How to Submit Edits

AS&E Web Communications is happy to help update your website! Whether your updates are big or small you’re always welcome to send them to our team. Not only will we get them made ASAP, but we’ll also check to make sure they’re accessible and compliant with the AS&E Web Style Guide.

Please submit all requests for web edits to

To get your updates up as quickly as possible, we recommend using the following tips:

  • Include a link to the page or pages you’d like updated
  • Submit content updates in either a word document or email; include images as attachments
  • Use track changes for scattered page updates or clearly indicate where on the page you’d like the changes to be made

Please DO NOT submit content updates using images or PDFs with comments.

Web updates larger than 500 words may require additional lead time, or may need to be officially added to the Web Communications project schedule, depending on the size and scope.

PRO TIP: You can copy/paste the content of a web page into a Word document and use track changes to make editing an entire web page super easy!