Recommendations for AS&E websites

The recommendations outlined in this section were developed to help improve consistency in navigation and content for AS&E websites. There are six primary recommendations as well as sections on content strategies and best practices, along with the AS&E web style guide created by our group and University Communications.

Who are the recommendations for?

The recommendations in this section apply to all websites within Arts, Sciences & Engineering at the University of Rochester. They were developed in conjunction with the Deans' Office and a faculty committee.

Why are the recommendations important?

The main goal of these recommendations is to improve website navigation and content throughout Arts, Sciences & Engineering in a way that is attainable to provide a consistent experience for the user.

What are the recommendations?

The recommendations include adoption of standard elements such as:

  • A search function throughout the site
  • A link back to the University home page and the respective school home page
  • A standard set of navigational headings across department websites
  • Easy‐to‐find contact information for the department