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U.S. Life: Customs & Practices

A course specifically designed to boost the personal and academic success of first semester students from abroad.

Course Description:

2 credits, graded pass/fail – this course can be taken in addition to 4 regular credit courses

Through this course students will explore campus, community and American culture, enhance their intercultural competence, and build academic skills to improve their success in the American classroom. Students will compare cultures through a variety of readings, in class discussions, blogs and outside class activities. Topics include verbal and non-verbal communication, education systems, ethics, relationships, perception, beliefs, values and norms.

Required Course Components:

  • High Falls in Rochester
  • Thanksgiving meal
  • Thanksgiving meal
  • Indian village in New York
  • Indian village in New York
  • Classroom
  • American dinner
  • Halloween
  • American meal
  • Students
  • Letchworth State Park
  • Susan B. Anthony statue
  • Courtyard
  • Legislature
  • Legislature
  • Falls on the Genessee River
  • Table setting
  • Historic home
  • Archery
  • Archery
  • Historical costume
  • Theater