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Impact Baseline Testing

To: All Varsity Student Athletes
Re: Impact Baseline Testing

In order to provide the best appropriate care for student athletes, the Athletic Training Staff at the University of Rochester require all student athletes to complete a head injury baseline test (IMPACT) prior to any practice or competition. This online exam provides a cognitive baseline for each athlete. In the event of a head injury, a retest is given, and results are compared to the original baseline test. This result will help to determine the athlete's cognitive readiness to return to play. The Impact test is a secondary tool and is not the only determinant for return to play.

All athletes at the University must complete the baseline test prior to the start of their season.

Instructions for the web-based exam are as follows.

  1. Find a quiet area free of noise and distraction for about 20 minutes.
  2. Log on to Internet Explorer.
  3. Turn off popup blockers
  4. Make sure you have a mouse
  5. Then go to
  6. choose New York as your state
  7. Use will use pass code: AE5F13F3DD
  8. Take test, making sure you complete the entire test at one sitting.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. If you have any questions please contact the Athletic Training Staff.

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